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Embotics Announces Reseller Partner Program

Cannes, France, February 26, 2008 – Embotics, the Virtualization Lifecycle Management™ Company, today announced the Embotics Partner Program, a network of technology and solution partnerships in the North America, Europe and Asia.The program aims to provide Embotics Value-Added Resellers (EVARs), Embotics Technology Alliance Partners (ETAPs), OEMs and vertical-market solution providers with a first-to-market advantage by supplying customers with comprehensive control software that is designed to identify, track, secure and manage enterprise-wide virtual machines (VMs).The ETAP program is for partners looking to establish a formal technology partnership with Embotics, and is ideal for both small and large partners interested in everything from certification to integration to co-marketing.The EVAR program is a multi-tier reseller program for companies providing virtualization consulting and support services.EVARs enhance their solutions with Embotics’ technology and receive discounts, l…

Fortisphere joins VMware TAP program

Chantilly, Va.—February 25, 2008—Fortisphere, a leading provider of virtual machine lifecycle management software, today announced that it has joined the VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program. As a VMware Select Level TAP program member, Fortisphere will have access to the technology, integration points and marketing resources that ensure an ongoing collaborative product development strategy. Through this partnership, Fortisphere will continue to develop and integrate its product suite, Virtual Essentials™, to positively enhance virtual platforms, providing extended management capabilities within the virtual infrastructure. “As a member of the TAP program, we will be able to grow, develop and integrate our Virtual Essentials product suite with VMware’s products for enhanced compatibility across desktops, workstations and servers,” said Michael Harper, president and CEO, Fortisphere. “Fortisphere’s technology is the perfect complement to VMware technologies and we look forwa…

Novell buys Platespin

With the acquisition of PlateSpin, Novell will offer a full solution stack
with a powerful virtualization platform and a best-in-class heterogeneous
management solution. From operating system
support for Linux, Windows and UNIX, to virtual
platforms from the leading vendors, to blade servers and rack servers and
desktops – PlateSpin truly takes a heterogeneous approach to workload lifecycle
management. Together, Novell and PlateSpin will solve many of the data center
challenges that you face today under four fundamental workload lifecycle
management categories – Relocation, Protection, Provisioning and Optimization.
Relocation: PlateSpin provides a completely integrated product suite that
automates the assessment and migration phases of data center initiatives, like
server consolidation, data center relocation and hardware upgrades, to help you
reduce costs, power consumption and space in the data center.
Consolidation: With Virtualization from Novell, customers can consolidate
applications f…

Merger and Acquisitions: Yahoo goes the Icahn path

Just like BEA, which was forced to accept the offer from Oracle, Yahoo too will face the samne scenario. After cat and mouse game is done, Yahoo will soon be absorbed.

Two Detroit pension funds have initiated a class-action lawsuit against Yahoo and its board of directors for trying to rebuke the bid and attempting to third-party deals which the funds say would be "destructive to shareholder value." "Yahoo's 'Just Say No to Microsoft' approach is a result of resentment by the board, and not any good faith focus on maximizing shareholder value," claimed lawyers from Bernstein Litowitz Berger & Grossman on behalf of Detroit's police and fire retirement system and the city's general retirement system. The firm filed suit for the plaintiffs in Delaware Chancery Court Feb. 21. Microsoft offered to acquire Yahoo Feb. 1 for $31 per share, a 62 percent premium over Yahoo's Jan. 31 closing price of $19.18. Yahoo rejected the bid Feb. 11 and while …

ComputerWorld: Critical VMware bug allows attacker to hack!

As of Sunday, there was no patch available for the flaw, which affects VMware's Windows client virtualization programs, including Workstation, Player and ACE. The company's virtual machine software for Windows servers, and for Mac- and Linux-based hosts, are not at risk. The bug was reported by Core Security Technologies, makers of the penetration testing framework CORE IMPACT, said VMware in a security alert issued last Friday. "Exploitation of this vulnerability allows attackers to break out of an isolated Guest system to compromise the underlying Host system that controls it," claimed Core Security. According to VMware, the bug is in the shared folder feature of its Windows client-based virtualization software. Shared folders lets users access certain files -- typically documents and other application-generated files -- from the host OS and any virtual machine on that physical system


XenServer mini-product traning is live!

Barry reporting from Citrix's blog:

Peter Blum from the Citrix XenServer team put together a short (37 minutes) product training for XenServer and recorded it using Camtasia. Below the info on the video, I have posted some info on the hardware support for Citrix XenServer (Processors, memory, storage, network) as well as the virtual machine limitations.

In this video, Peter covers the following topics -

1.Setting up Xen Enterprise and Xen Center.
2.Creating resource pool.
3.Attaching the remote storage.
4.Creating VM
5.Using some of the features in the product.

You can watch (and listen) to this mini product training here.

After you watch teh XenServer training video, you may to read about the specific new features in XenServer v4 in this post.

If you would like to go through a quick install yourself, you can download XenServer Express Edition for free. Once you have the code downloaded, it takes about 10 minutes to Xen

Here are some background requirements for installing Citrix XenServer -

Gartner: India looking forward to Microsoft's Virtualization with Windows Server 2008

Even as Microsoft Corp., the world’s largest software firm, prepares to globally launch Windows Server 2008, its latest computer server software, in the first week of March, enabling users to potentially cut server costs by up to 40%, India’s information technology (IT) managers say they are still evaluating the benefits of the new offering and will take up to a year to decide whether to upgrade. One of the core differentiators that Longhorn, as the Windows Server 2008 product was codenamed during development, is the ability to integrate what is called virtualization as part of the offering. Virtualization refers to the technology that allows multiple operating systems and applications to run on the same hardware, thereby eliminating the need for different computers to run different servers. “The Indian market is still at a very nascent stage in virtualization adoption and current vendors are keen to explore new virtualized products. (But) there will be a significant increase in the a…

Funnel Strategy and Puddle Convergence: What to expect from Citrix?

Original blog content is at CEB blog, here's a snippet:

A lot, I am suspecting. These guys are working hard with their noses buried in the Xen stack. A lot is built around the "Delivery Model" and that is what makes the Citrix strategy, my kind of strategy. I have been evangelizing the GDM (Global Delivery Model) for quite some time now. When I read (present tense) a book (for instance that of Peter Drucker) that is covers almost three quarters of the century backwards or if we go even further backwards when I read (present tense again) Marx's manifesto, somethings tell me that we are missing the point somewhere, we are getting the point within the containment but missing it in its totality. Someday I will tell you about the "puddle convergence" in more detail. Software companies are like puddles, lots of ripples are happening, and they get significantly bigger but they stay , somehow, stay contained in their puddles that they defined. There in no "Funn…

LinkedIn Virtualization Group members keep growing!

We've just reached our first milestone and have 100 members! I plan to do something with our members, obviously events that we held in Belgium is one of the things, but given the fact that many Xen members too are in the group, I am planning to organize a think-tank initiative.

Like I said in the past, innovation in virtualization (and the whole IT domain as a whole) is just about getting started. The Transitional phase where we are going oh-so ga-ga over virtualization vendors, is the platform to start using the building blocks for the next Transformational age of Business!

So shortly:

You'll be part of a group where all members think conceptual, work in practical worlds and plan for a future that has dynamic data centers.
You'll be part of a revolution, you just won't be a "number" in yet another LinkedIn groupWe don't care about numbers either. Action is what we want to focus on!Participation and Community driven innovation is our strategy, and thus your s…

VMware's Succesful Errors Dialog Box: Sounds familiar?

Virtualization : Backup still not mature enough in Virtual World

This user had some mixed experiences:

My company has tried VMware VCB with very mixed results which is not good for a backup solution. When we tried to restore some vms, they appeared as they had crashed. In talking with VMware support they acknowledge this is "an issue" that they're working on.

I don't know what that means, but that's unacceptable for any backup solution.

We've seen that Windows 2008 hyperv has a live backup feature that somehow integrates with vss. This could be the perfect solution if it works. Any news on that?

And this article attempts to cover the backup dilemma in the Virtual World:

Traditional backup systems have a one-to-one relationship with servers. These tried-and-true backup systems and associated software already support storage-area networks (SAN), fiber optics, and the latest operating system and server hardware updates. But they are not geared specifically for the complex world of virtualization, which involves multiple guest oper…

ClearCube CTO interviewed; High Performance VDI discussed!

I spoke to Amir sometime back and was truly impressed with their offerings. These guys are dishing out some really cool devices. Check out the interview, I'll be doing the video interview of the CSO as well at VMworld in Cannes!

Dear Amir, tell us a bit about your role at ClearCube and briefly your past?I’m Chief Technology Officer at ClearCube, and I’ve been with the company now for the last six and a half years. Over this period, we’ve witnessed the explosive growth of virtualization and alternate centralized models for next generation desktop computing, of which VDI is one form. A key part of my role has really been to evolve ClearCube’s technology offering in way that benefits our over 1000 enterprise customers, while also staying true to our roots, which lie in innovation. I’m incredibly proud of the fact that during my association with ClearCube, we’ve filed and won a large number of patents in the connection brokering and virtualization arenas, we delivered the world’s …

Simon Crosby, CTO Citrix Virtualization on "Equivalency and Enterprise Readiness"

Also, before I address specifics, let's just deal with the concept of "enterprise ready" once and for all. The largest deployment of virtualization on the planet uses Xen, and that is at Amazon. Is Amazon not an enterprise? Every enterprise has a unique set of requirements, so when someone says that XenServer is not enterprise ready, my response is to ask what specific features are missing, and to prioritize those for development. I specifically reject statements by VMware resellers that we are not enterprise ready just because we have a different form factor of the product. But I do accept that we don't yet have all the bells and whistles that VMware has, and so that means that some people won't buy our product. We certainly do have every feature that VMware had for its first $1BN of revenue. But here's a good example of something we don't yet have: certification against EMC Clariion storage arrays. Anyone care to guess why? Fortunately with t…

Sun x8450 4-core, 4 socket , virtualization ready Blades have arrived!

Check out those cool specs!

At A GlanceIntel Xeon Quad-Core processorsFour sockets, up to 16 cores per module32 DIMM memory slots, industry leading 2 DIMMs/coreHardware-level virtualization, VMware and Xen support, cross-platform virtualization between Solaris 10 and WindowsFront-accessible SAS and SATA hard drives 160Gbps I/OManage with ILOM 2.0

Virtualization Security: VMware to unveil "VMsafe" at VMworld 2008

VMware Inc is working with some of the world's biggest security software makers to better protect computers running on its virtualization software, said people familiar with the plans. Partners in the effort -- dubbed VMsafe -- include Symantec Corp, McAfee Inc, the Internet Security Systems division of International Business Machines Corp , EMC Corp's RSA security unit and Check Point Software Technologies Ltd, they said.

I'm curious. I obviously was smelling the rat when I didn't hear a thing from Symantec or McAfee guys, but anyways we'll see what they are planning to unveil.


VMworld 2008: Interviews with CxOs of top Virtualization firms: Second Call!

My list is growing and I am going to be busy planning our interviews. Half of them are planned and I want to cover most of the parties during the partner day, which is coming Monday.

Who are we already talking to?

Bluelane (VP)

CirBA (VP)

Catbird (VP)

Citrix (Simon Crosby and other execs)

ClearCube (Execs/Strategist)

Embotics (CEO, VP)


Microsoft (Patrick, Mike Neil and Jeff Woolsey)

Microsoft customer's experience with Hyper-V

Neverfail (SVP, VP)

Parallels (Dir.)

VMlogix (CEO/Founder)

Virtual Iron (VP)

VMware (Several Execs)

Veeam (CEO)

I'll be missing my friends at:
Relfex Security
Marathon Technolgies
VMware friends from U.S
and many more actually (they are too many to list here)

Note: My schedule is running almost full, so should you want to chip in, do let me know. Or else we'll be closing the interview session planning. (I need to also meet our friends personally over Dinner and have some beer/wine. I have one planned with Veeam and the other with Citrix/Mic…

MonoSphere joins the VMware's TAP program

MonoSphere Inc., the creator of award-winning storage capacity management software, today announced that it has joined the VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program. As a member of the program, MonoSphere will leverage VMware resources and expertise in its efforts to deliver storage capacity management solutions to optimize storage for VMware environments. MonoSphere now has access to the technical and marketing benefits within VMware Partner Central, as well as access to training, support and software licenses.

“This program will enable the Storage Horizon® solution to provide unprecedented visibility into the actual array usage of servers running VMware Infrastructure,” said Frank Kettenstock, vice president of marketing at MonoSphere. “Our storage capacity management solution enables storage administrators to increase storage utilization and realize immediate cost savings, which is aligned with the server utilization improvements VMware software brings to servers.”

Press Relea…

Enterprise Compliance Manager Now Integrated With VMware ESX Server

ManageSoft -- the leading supplier of Enterprise Software Management solutions -- announced today it now supports VMware ESX Server with its Enterprise Compliance Manager™ software that enables its customers to fill the license compliance chasm created by the virtualization wave. This software provides a path to resolution for companies embracing application and server virtualization, but concerned about software publishers' licensing policies.

Vendors' application licensing rules have gotten so complex in light of how/what/where software was purchased, upgrades/downgrades, datacenter/desktop/mobile installations, physical transfers, right of second use, Linux/Unix/Windows® operating systems, multi-core processors, multiprocessor systems, and even processor execution speed that most enterprise customers can expect to be out of license compliance without an automated tracking system.


VI plugin Guide by Andrew Kutz

It's not supported by VMware, so you're warned ;-)

The doors are opening...What I mean by this, expect a detailed blog article by me on it("the doors opening").

This paper focuses on educating developers on:Client Plugin Architecture
This includes where plugins are installed, how the VI client discovers local plugins and ones advertised on the VC server, and finally how to create a client plugin.Server Extension Architecture
Includes how to register server extensions and how to make client plugins centrally available.Tomcat Architecture
Discusses how the VirtualCenter Tomcat installation impacts server extension daemons.Database Schema
Review the new VirtualCenter database tables that are related to extensions.Creating Windows Installers
Reveals some problems with creating Windows Installers for server extensions.Namespaces
Details the namespaces and assemblies VMware provides to create plugins and extensions.Terminology
Coins new terminology that developers can use when disc…

David's advice: Plan wisely before moving to ESX 3.5

Upgrading ESX Server involved upgrading the related applications in the VMware Infrastructure Suite at the same time. Single VMware ESX Server upgrades minus VMware Infrastructure Suite applications require users to upgrade the ESX Server OS to 3.5, followed by a VMware Infrastructure client to version 2.5 upgrade.

However, most of us don't have such a simple configuration. Real VMware ESX Server production environments may consist of any number of ESX Servers, a VMware VirtualCenter Server, a VirtualCenter database, VMware License Server, VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB), VMware Tools in the Guest VMs, and the VI Clients.

Though upgrading a single ESX Server from 3.x to 3.5 is relatively straightforward, having so many different pieces across the entire VMware Infrastructure Suite installation adds complexity to upgrades. For that reason, the pitfalls I list out below have to do with not only upgrading VMware ESX Server but also the entire VMware Infrastructure Suite. A particular …

VDI conparision: Which one to choose, VMware, Citrix?

Or should I say is upgrading to Vista worth ab bargain? I have heard of official protest groups in Holland and elsewhere who want to cxontinue working on XP for another few years. Offering a fat GUI OS via VDI conenction broker is not a smart idea. It was never meant to push an elephant through a thin wire.

Anyways the comparison, if its worthy the discussion actually or within the context of a typical thin computing model, is here:

It's important to note that a VDA does all the work on the back-end servers where the VMs run; therefore, to accurately estimate the cost of a VDA, you'll need to take into account the server and virtualization software expenses. Estimating these costs will require walking through a series of calculations, which can be modified for a customer's specific environment. As an example, based on numbers from VMware, let's assume that a server can run six to eight virtual desktops per core, with dual-socket quad-core processors totaling eight cores,…

Creating Virtual Isolated Networks

Nice article, originally seen at Doug's site and a snippet of the article:

Most recently, I’ve been feeling the itch to write a worm. The idea is attractive because a worm can be developed modularly with reusable components. Each individual component will increase my knowledge substantially in a different area of security, making the development a measurable goal with incremental positive feedback.However, before development could begin, I wanted to ensure that I wouldn’t end up in court for an accidental release of one of the components gone awry. I love virtual machines as a tool to aid in the development process, so the solution was immediately obvious - create a multi-host virtual network that is isolated from the world. Further, I wanted each machine on this isolated network to occasionally be able to access the Internet to retrieve updates or tools, so the isolation needed to be complete but /controllable./ The final requirements of the virtual network ended up looking like t…

ProStor Systems Announces General Availability of InfiniVault Archive Appliance Family

BOULDER, Colo. – Feb. 20, 2008 – ProStor Systems, a leading developer of removable disk storage solutions for data protection and archive applications, today announced general availability of its InfiniVault™ archive appliance, the world’s first removable disk archive solution using the company’s market-leading RDX® removable disk technology. The InfiniVault product family is sold by a network of high-value resellers throughout North America.

Recently named a Product of the Year bronze winner in the “Backup and Disaster Recovery” category of the 2007 Products of the Year competition, ProStor’s InfiniVault provides customers with a digital archive and compliance solution that reduces storage costs by combining long-term data retention, regulatory compliance, automated data archiving and disaster recovery protection in a single, easy-to-use appliance. The InfiniVault product family is available in configurations designed for use in small and mid-sized enterprises.

“We h…

Incipient Completes $15.6 Million Series E Venture Funding

Waltham, MA February 20, 2008 - Incipient, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise-class storage virtualization and automated data migration software solutions, announced today that it has closed a $15.6 million Series E round of funding from existing investors including Globespan Capital Partners, GrandBanks Capital, HLM Venture Partners, Greylock, QuestMark Partners, Sigma Partners, and Wasatch Advisors, as well as a new investor. Incipient will use this new funding to expand global sales and marketing initiatives for its enterprise-class award winning storage virtualization and automated data migration software solutions now being used by leading financial services organizations to automate and virtualize their data center operations. "We are pleased with the continued steadfast support and confidence of this storage-savvy investor group participating in this latest round of funding," said Ric Calvillo, CEO and co-founder of Incipient. "Over the last year we have seen …

FastScale ENHANCEs data center automation capabilities with NEW RELEASE OF FASTSCALE COMPOSER SUITE

This just in...

Santa Clara, Calif., February 20, 2008 – FastScale√í Technology, Inc., provider of next generation software virtualization and provisioning solutions, today announced the newest release of its flagship product, FastScale Composer™ Suite. FastScale Composer Suite is the first technology of its kind that fully automates the process of building, deploying and managing server software environments and delivers an end to end server software management solution for enterprise class data centers and Web farms. The latest release, FastScale Composer Suite 2.0, adds new capabilities and enhancements focused on scalability and configuration management of large, multi-thousand server installations.FastScale Composer Suite completely automates the labor-intensive, error-prone task of building, streamlining and managing server software environments throughout the lifecycle. With FastScale Composer Suite, software environments average 99% smaller than traditional golden images, are bu…

Vigilar's Intense School Announces New VMware Boot Camp

Intense School, the training division of Vigilar, and a leading provider of IT and security training services, today announced the availability of a new VMware Boot Camp, which includes the industry's most comprehensive security training for VMware. As organizations continue to deploy virtual machines throughout their environment, and make them a critical part of their infrastructure, the ability to manage and secure these machines becomes crucial to overall security posture.

Intense School's new VMware training course provides four days of hands-on VMware ESX training by Intense School's virtualization experts. Topics covered in depth include ESX Server 3.5, VirtualCenter 2.5, Storage VMotion, Update Manager, Distributed Power Management, and VMware Guided Consolidation. In addition, instructors will review 3rd party tools to help assist in the deployment and management of a virtual infrastructure.

The Boot Camp will include four key areas of security training for VMware:


Tech Data adds VMware Virtualization Solutions

Tech Data (NSDQ:TECD)'s Pete Peterson was so intent on signing VMware to a distribution agreement that the senior vice president and general manager of Advanced Infrastructure Solutions did something he's never done before: he got certified. Peterson is now one of 200 Tech Data employees certified as a VMware Sales Professional (VSP), according to the company. It's his first official certification. "When we were recruiting them, I said we'd pull out all the stops, that we'd do everything we could to get to 200," Peterson said with a laugh. "But the way I looked at it, the best way is to lead by example. Now we say if Pete can do it, why can't you?" Tech Data joins Avnet, Arrow Electronics, Ingram Micro Inc. and Lifeboat Distribution as VMware distributors in the U.S.


VMworld 2008 Cannes: Video interviews with Virtualization vendors- First call!

I am calling out to all the vendors that I may not have covered within my private network reach, which is practically covering even the ones that are not making it to Cannes but's the deal:

Are you interested in talking about your product, vision?Or even if just to come on the video and look cool!Then mail me at my email address, I am already flooded with enough requests and I just want to make sure that I get the ones I may have forgotten.

Mail me at :

3PAR INTRODUCES NEARLINE FOR ONLINE;Supports Cost-Effective Enterprise-Class SATA Configurations for Online Applications

This just in...

Fremont, CA, February 19, 2008--3PAR® (NYSE Arca: PAR), the leading global provider of utility storage, announced today the introduction of "Nearline for Online," an innovative approach to cost-optimized storage. 3PAR Nearline for Online is designed to enable customers to deploy traditional Nearline drives--high-capacity, low-cost enterprise-class SATA--for all their applications, including demanding online applications that typically require premium Fibre Channel capacity. With Nearline for Online, 3PAR Utility Storage customers have the ability to meet service level requirements of both online and nearline applications with a single, consolidated, massively scalable system using only Nearline disk drive technology. "3PAR provides us with a simple and efficient tiered-storage platform upon which we can grow our business," said Tony Tarone, Director of Service Operations for Cedar Document Technologies. "The use of nearline capacity within the 3…

Virtual Iron accelerates momentum

Virtual Iron Software (, the leading provider of enterprise server virtualization made easy, recently announced outstanding results for its second half 2007. The announcement comes on the heels of $20M in new equity financing for the company and dramatic growth in revenue, channel and customers, as well as the broad expansion of its product platform and partner ecosystem. The announcement was made at the InfoWorld Virtualization Executive Forum, taking place today in San Francisco. Virtual Iron president and CEO Ed Walsh will be delivering a keynote address at the conference where he will discuss the emergence of server virtualization and its growing impact on the entire data center ecosystem. Two of Virtual Iron's end-user customers will also address the conference. "The server virtualization market is exploding and Virtual Iron continues to outpace the market and every one of its competitors,"said Ed Walsh, CEO of Virtual Iron. "This mom…

The Next VMware: Analyst lures market with a sweet story

If you are sitting in a strategy team within VMware or drawing huge loads of cash as fees drawing diagrams of where VMware should go next, then you'll find a lot of information here as well. You can refer to that material but be thankful if anything out of this blog inspired you to help VMware do its internal 2.0.

VMware has done something very hard, and indeed like my talk at ProFoss (download the slide here) in Belgium, it was all about being change ready. Operations think that someone else wants to hijack their systems, but do they even realize that they hold their own firm at ransom? I know, harsh words, but it's true.

I've always maintained, technology is not the challenge, human resistance is! Anyways Sranama is doing the Qualys guys some favor by giving them a hip intro at Forbes but in my opinion, the next VMware can be VMware itself! Or is she suggesting that Qualys is a buy and trying to lure some VC or a firm like Microsoft with a honey-coated story.

My real-time a…

NoMachine Joins VMware's Technology Alliance Partner Program

Rome, Italy -18 Feb 2008 NoMachine, leading and award-winning provider of NX desktop virtualization software, announced it has joined the VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program. This brings all the benefits of NoMachine NX software to the virtual suite of VMware, ensuring customers successful remote access to their virtual environments.

VMware's TAP Program enables NoMachine to combine the powers of NX with VMware to provide new solutions to their mutual customers. NoMachine products are optimized for and support VMware's entire line of virtual infrastructure products. This partnership enhances the value of VMware by ensuring NoMachine's powerful NX technology is available to VMware customers for secure remote access to applications and hosted desktops deployed on virtual machines.

As a partner in the VMware TAP Program, NoMachine NX provides a solution in virtual machine environments that together with VMware resources and expertise, delivers a product with enhanc…

IT hiring challenges: CIOs must work closely with HR!

In these times of transition, transformation and all the clients screaming for more help in migration to new technologies such as Virtualization, SIs and other IT firms are looking helplessly as smaller and agile firms are grabbing contracts under their noses!

This is bound to aggravate and even the software firms will show no mercy and go direct to smaller and effective channel partners to sell their products and technologies. It is a no-brainer, actually.

I can tell you from my personal experience.I must tell you I am not looking at my local region alone and really don't have the time to do the local strategy and cajole the young and worthy to come and join us. I have led highly efficient and high-performing multi-cultural teams in the past and will be traveling to Asia to hire, build, assess and bring back my strong team here to Europe. I just cannot afford to rely on local rules, regulations and more importantly the whims and idiosyncrasies of the younger lot here in Europe. The…

Researcher will demo Virtual Server Security during VMotion

When a virtual machine migrates from one physical server to another, it can be subject to a range of attacks primarily because authentication between machines is weak and the virtual-machine traffic between physical machines is unencrypted, said Oberheide. In the short term, the cure is installing hardware-based encryption on all the physical servers that might send or receive virtual machines, Oberheide says, but long term, virtual-machine software should incorporate strong authentication that minimises the risk. During his talk, he will describe a proof-of-concept tool he used in a lab to execute man-in-the-middle attacks against virtual machines as they migrated from one physical server to another. His research targeted open source Xen and VMware virtualisation platforms. Citrix, which sells a commercial version of Xen, says it gets around the problem with its management server acting as a third party to authenticate origination and destination servers to each other, says Simon Cr…


MENLO PARK, Calif. – February 19, 2008 – Pano Logic™ today announced a new software release for its revolutionary desktop virtualization solution. Pano Logic leverages existing server virtualization technologies to create a new approach to desktop computing that dramatically lowers total cost of ownership while increasing security, management and mobility. The new software release, Pano Virtual Desktop Solution 1.5, is optimized for LAN deployments, supports VMware ESX Server 3.5 and VMware VirtualCenter 2.5, enables new usage models and provides more efficient resource management capabilities.“The desktop virtualization market is ready for innovation and new technology, and Pano Logic’s approach to centralizing all software and management in the data center is the first step in making desktop virtualization easier to manage and more attainable,” said Michael Fodor, VP of Product Management at Pano Logic. “The new release’s emphasis on LAN optimization and usage models is important,…