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Hup naar Frankrijk op Vakantie

Ok dan , het is nu tijd om iets echt leuks(of anders) te gaan doen. Ik ben nu weer twee weken thuis en gellukig had de "vrouw des huis" de vakantie geregeld (via Vacansoleil ), leuke site trouwens , moeten jullie even ga kijken.

Ze hebben alle soorten arrangement Bungalow, Villa om een paar te noemen. We gaan dit keer in een soort Stacaravan, denk ik(zoals jullie zien heb ik het niet zelf geregeld!). Dit lijkt wel leuk. Ik mag geen laptop meenemen. Dus de komende dagen wordt het even zonder internet.Wordt even wennen maar we zullen het overleven. Grapje :-)

Het is sowieso moeilijk om mijn vriend achter te laten. Het voelt ook een beetje dubbel, ene die voor z'n leven vecht en ... Nou ja "such is life".

Misschien gaan we volgende keer naar Italie(Tuscany lijkt me geweldige plan). Italie is eigenlijk een perfecte land om te gaan wonen! Maar eerst even de landschap bestuderen. Misschien vliegen we naar volgen vakantie. Misschien ga we ergens anders heen met vakantie…

More Blog Stats...

Here some more stats

Last Week

Browsers, Firefox is everywhere :-)

Where are you from, Stranger?

How long do you wanna stay?

Resolution of your computers

Operating Systems
Hmmm, I'd expected more Linux/Mac OS boxes.

And finally last months curve

Pain, Anguish, Despair and at the verge of Bereavement

I have been giving it a thought for quite some time but never mustered the courage to go on with it on the blog. Well now I do.

We just heard that our best friend is going through the last phases of his life. It's Skin cancer. And it has intruded the internal organs now. I have been very afraid, not being able to confront the news. And yesterday we heard it that he may not even have a month to live. The pain is gut wrenching. Since yesterday I'm going every evening to him. He's under a heavy dose of Morphine as the pain is getting unbearable.

We've sat together, drank beer, had loads of fun. And now we are preparing to bid farewell. I had expected it to get better. The guy was a strong lad! He was fighting it and ....

Today I held his hand and talked with him. I just think that it's unfair. The guy is 37! And we're so helpless against diseases like Cancer,HIV and more.

It's an indescribable pain which just won't go and will stay when that dreadful void wil…

Blog Statistics

Well the blog stats are reasonable. I get about 20 odd new users per day and many returning ones as well. Page hits/loads have gone up to 190 last week. This one is from this week.

Thanks for showing interest, Fellas! :-)

We'll keep talking about good stuff. About the WEB API's we'll do that as soon as I'm over that personal issue that is tearing me apart.

Linux, Linux : Get started with VMWare and Knoppix or Ubuntu Live CD!

Well everyone's talking about it now and you're wondering "what the heck is Linux?". So you've finally come face to face with yourself and say it loudly(errum..In your head first , please). I want to learn it! I admit it, I've been a fool! I hafta learn this kool OS!

OK chill! You're faced with a challenge of all that installation crap. And boy, ask the veterans they've made lot's of money just installing Linux and installing Oracle on Linux was a big thing. And talking about setting about clusters was only for Big Boys and doing Oracle RAC setup was only for BEEEG BOYZ!!! Ok I can see you're already sleeping on my story. And Hey! Stop drooling on my shoulder! Wake up!!!

You yell back at me "WHAT DO I HAFTA DO? WHERE I GOTTA KLIK? I Don't wanna fight with my wife over installing Linux at home? And my Microsoft Boss is angry because I made my colleagues so scared when I installed Linux at work?

Ok Ok I get it. You want to learn it's …

Optimizing Firefox : Make firefox load faster!

How to optimize my firefox so that it loads faster? I've been seeing my firefox load so slow all this time and was a lazy ass not to have got my brain geared up and kept going back to IE as it loaded faster. OK then I looked up some resources and also ended up finding some more things on the run. I've made some print dumps so you can follow it closely (without falling asleep). Well actually you won't, you'll realize that there are just too many cool things to optimize firefox!

o Type in your browser about:config and you get lots of settings (and remember each setting has something cool about it, cool stuff like security, cache, plugins etc but for now we'll stick to the speed up things). And you guessed right, we need to browse down to find settings starting with network.

o Look for these settings

o Set the two settings to true(well all you need to do it click on it and the setting …

Get yoor blog translated via Google Translations

Ok this is real cool, all you need is to copy and paste this code(courtesy, the guy who started Technorati) . So what I did was.

o Install my language packs(for east asian languages).

o Restarted my computer(gee..that you so have to do, if you're on a microsoft machine)

o The code, in JavaScript and HTML

o I pasted this code just under my post tag, you can also put it all above to display it on top as well. (Maybe I'll do that too, if I can't find a way quickly now to translate my individual post, it's possible but right now I gotta rush to the movies ;-)).

Ok so we're back, cool movie Madagascar, by the way.

PS: For Japanese, Korean and Chinese you'll need to install language packs on your XP machine, or else you'll see lot's of pipe bars.

If you're not seeing this on for the Japanese, Korean or Chinese then you need to install the language packs(On *nix machines it should be installed). If you have XP/2000 then you migh…

कमाल की हिन्दी!!!

हिन्दी मे टाइप करना इतना मुश्किल तो नही है| वेबदुनिया के साथ टाइप और कास्ट बहुत आसान है| सिर्फ अंग्रेज़ी मे टाइप करो और असर देखो हिन्दी मे! कमाल की चीज़ है|

संस्क्रित मे भी लिख्नने का विचार है| अंग्रेज़ी मे लिखना कोई बड़ी बात नही है| अगर आप भी हिन्दी मे लिखना चाह्ते हो तो फिर ईस लिंक पर क्लिक करिये और प्रोग्राम डाउनलोड कर लीजिये|

बाकी बात बाद मे करेंगे|

नमस्कार और शुक्रिया|

What to Blog and What Not To Blog?

I go through variety of blogs all the time. They all come in different shapes, styles, colors. Well it seems like every individual is (kinda) finally coming out of a closet to the WWW and telling his/her (sometimes gory) experiences to everyone out there.

OK I somehow feel that there are certain guidelines you need to follow to stay attractive, exciting and yet be able to tell something which people will find interesting. This is my top ....(I don't have a number like "top 10!") list of do's and do not's.(Or putting it more precisely, these are the things I prefer to see when I read other blogs and when blogging myself)

o Don't post pictures of your backyard!

Ok if you do, don't push it too much. I don't think people are waiting (with a measuring tape) to measure the amount of ground you own. And here when I said backyard, I meant your personal life is your business, please for heavens sake let's keep it that way.

o Criticism is one thing, but don…