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VMware Ultimate Virtual Appliance Challenge!


VMware announced this $200,000 challenge and boy I wanna participate. Well I'm off my way to register there!

OK so go ahead and register!!!!
Get StartedLearn MoreEntry Information and Challenge RulesTop Prizes and Judging CriteriaJudging PanelRegister to Receive Important Information

Next StepsCreate your Virtual ApplianceVirtual Appliances: How to Build, Examples and ForumVMware Workstation: Documentation and ForumSubmissionsAt the end of March, VMware will send you instructions describing how and where to submit your completed virtual appliance. The Challenge will be open to new entries until May 26, 2006 at 11:59 pm PST.Community Review and JudgingAfter the deadline for entries, VMware will publish finalist virtual appliances on VMTN, and everyone will be invited to download, use, rate, and comment on these virtual appliances. Judging will be based on the appliance description in the entry, the ratings of the community, and t…

Google Page Creator: Part 2

OK so I managed to create my first google page (with the Google page creator).
It's pretty simple. You have to sign an agreement and get started.

And it looks pretty neat. See it here. Now I would want to do more stuff like
Link my podcastsVideo streamingCMSMy Adsand lots moreI hope it will be possible and I'm sure Google does have some plans there.

PS: I click on the link and I get a 404 error. I refresh the page and it's gone. Google guys sure need need to scale up or/and scale out :-)

Redhot future of IT: Virtualization Service Architecture

I just edited a post I created in December last year and thought that it would make a good candidate for the "RedHot Future Of IT" series.


"So what is Virtualization Service Architecture? Well something that will be the norm tomorrow. But seriously it is the architecture that we will use in the coming years when talking about starting with our company. The idea will be to start running your services almost right away and they could be physically located really far far away! Meaning for instance you want to start with a Social Networking Company (you know stuff like making one simple virtual or web office suite on the web , there are enough companies who are into this game already like Zimbra , 37Signals etc , check out this ZDnet blog for more on that) and you just don't want to go through regular hassles like hiring a place, hiring people, buying hardware, list is endless. So how do you do it? Well..."

Read it here

Google Webpage Creator

Google has launched a webpage creator. See it here. But as you can see there's long waiting line. same as the analytics launch.

I guess they really have to buy some big servers and hook them up in a cluster :-)

But the deal is simple, and they are listening to my Google wishlist. The Google Blogger boss spoke about his ambitions on creating a more user focused ("user customizable social networking and own website creation possibilities") thing.

My Blogger personality?

Just ran a test on this site and got this (rather flattering) result.

Your Blogging Type is Confident and Insightful
You've got a ton of brain power, and you leverage it into brilliant blog.
Both creative and logical, you come up with amazing ideas and insights.
A total perfectionist, you find yourself revising and rewriting posts a lot of the time.
You blog for yourself - and you don't care how popular (or unpopular) your blog is!What's Your Blogging Personality?

PS: Just *a ton*? I rewrite it because I'm tired of all the typos!

Anyways don't waste too much time out there.

Welcome Home, Brian!

I'm speechless and overwhelmed with the birth of my Son. Welcome home, Son!

Brian, born on 15:56 (GMT+1) hours, 17th Feb 2006.

PS: On another note. It's gotta be an auspicious day for VMware as they choose the same day (17th Feb) to send out invitations for Beta testers (ESX 3.0/VC2.0) finally.:-)

Redhot Future Of IT Part 2 :Virtualized Workplaces

Click on the title to hear what I have to say, alternatively click here to listen to what I have to say here.

So what is a virtualized workplace? Does it mean it does not exist? That it's virtual? Well in a certain way YES. This is where the future of our workplace is going to be. Well it is already a reality in some countries.

OK lets start by asking ourselves these questions:
Do you really bond with your colleagues? (think Team cohesiveness)
Do you spend great amount of hours talking about great things that you will do together? (think collaboration)
Do you really feel that you give 100% at work? (think effectiveness)
What do you really miss at your desk? (think personalization)
Is your desk comfortable enough? (Again think optimizing personalization, OK you have done your best to make it your place)Does it really matter to your employer that you are there for him/her? (think commitment)
Or do you get micromanaged over petty issues? (think mismanagement)
Do you see your employees perfor…

Rocking back the threnodies: Resignation

She sang tunes
She sings them again
I'm dismayed, yet I have hope
I sing along, I can't catch on

I'm wrenched out
My outsides are in
My insides spewing outwards
I collide with my shadow

Back and forth
I'm curling in
Tamper with me
with that last song

One last song that
That last song
and it was time for departure
I'm moving back in

I'm gonna set my own stage
I'm moving out of here
I'm walking that rope
I'm stepping away

Feelings that I feel most
Freaking my brains out
Don't want your song
Because I'm on a new high

Willingly got myself told
told them lies
got them sung it out to me
On and on and on...

I am gonna unwaste myself
walk through that door
Get on with that process
Fat lady, Here I am

I'm distraught
I'm off track
One day I'll meet you
One day I'll meet you (right back here)

Redhot Future Of IT Part I :Marketing yourself as IT professional

I had promised about the "RedHot IT Future Series" and so we discuss here how you should market yourself EFFECTIVELY as an IT professional in this new (and dangerous) web age! Web is the place where you're a hero today and villain tomorrow. While there are lots of professionals who are active on the web, not all are enjoying a good reputation as they got "personal" with others and got into a cockfight. The passive IT professional has nothing to lose but nothing to gain at all!

I know "marketing" might seem as a greasy term but the idea is to have the truth about you out there. You know you're a good person and your family knows that you're really smart person but the rest of the world doesn't!

So the question is how do I market myself on the web as a true "nouveau IT professional". A guy who companies will be tempted to pick up the phone as say "Hey, we wanna talk with you. Can you fly over to Palo Alto (or Guatemala or Johan…

ESX 3.0 Beta Test dates closing in!

16th Feb we can get started with the ESX 3.0 Beta Testing. I got a 3rd reminder email and I'm very curious to get my hands on ESX 3.0!

What I have not been able to fix is a couple of fast Boxes where I can do my Oracle RAC installation on RHEL 4.0 or Windows 2003 or Solaris 9/10 for that matter. I do have a multiple CPU box but the specs are a bit old. I will definitely be able to test and run this ESX 3.0 on it. No problems there at all , its just the performance testing that might be a problem.

Anyways anyone who has lots of resources (think new servers which are lying around, waiting for to be deployed) to spare (who doesn't?) can always give me a call. I could help you set it up and do some real good performance testing. :-)

Microsoft Windows 2003 and Oracle database 10g R2 with Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2!

I got a call from Microsoft and most probably we will be setting up a community with the sole purpose of
Spreading awareness of Oracle 10g R2 RAC on Windows 2003 Servers
Using Microsoft's Virtual Server 2005 R2 Virtualization Technology
Building a community around the Oracle RAC on Windows OSTaking the experience and awareness level to a new level by
Creating LabsCreating WorkshopsEven conducting webinars (why not?)We are up for interesting times and I was personally pleased with the talks as Microsoft's OS is going to get more meat. I expect Windows platform to not just be a platform for SQL Server (although there is nothing wrong with it when deployed effectively) but be open for any database be it DB2, Oracle, MySQL, Firebird, anything.

Ok we know, with Windows used massively all around the world it's a no-brainer for any startup firm that it'll build a win32 or win64(?) application first. But it's not just download and install , it's also about running it and se…

Next Generation Virtualization Server: VMware Server Quick look!


A couple of nexts and you see it's really our GSX server. But only a better and a powerful virtualization platform to get all those crazy ideas of yours running!

And after a couple of next clicks you're done!

Things that I spotted on this quick look!
It has dual CPU support, so if you have a hyperthreaded CPU laptop, your VM will also see dual CPU.I had to get rid of my both ESX and GSX client programs and my VM WorkStation. :-|
It is in DEBUG mode, so be careful. I've reloaded my UBuntu in it and it gave me this warning.This piece of software could go anywhere, in my opinion its gonna be a community product , the idea behind is to beat Xen to the punch in its *open source* game and beat MS in it *can't get any cheaper than free, ain't it?* game!

Attagirl, Greene. I like your style! :-)

VMware Server : The Free Enterprize Virtualization Server for the masses!

Well coming Monday all the Virtualization experts, enthusiasts and novices will be waiting to apply for the beta trial and testing. So what's the deal?

Well VMware is going to give away it's GSX type but even better in terms of VT (Virtualization technology which is called Vanderpool by Intel and Pacifica by AMD)

Quote from Register

The VMware Server, for example, has a feature not even present in GSX Server. It supports Intel's VT technology for improving virtualization performance. In addition, it supports 64-bit guest operating systems - including Solaris x86 - and has support for virtual SMPs. So, it's not just some crippled, low-end product.

So no cheap low end product this. Apparently the Register guys were very confident of the link to the server as well and have given all the folks to ping/poll this VMware Server url until Sunday midnight.

Inquirer says it rather plainly "VMware gives it away".

VMware says that it is out there to educate the folks on Virtua…

The first real ‘next generation’ game

A lot of attention is going out to the new Xbox 360 in the gaming community. It’s a great piece of hardware, but the lineup of games is not that impressive. Real ‘must buy’ games that help sell a console aren’t released yet. The first one coming up is Oblivion, a role playing game that can really call itself ‘next generation’. A term frequently used for excellent graphics and sound. But this game has game mechanics to match it. Read all about it at IGN or at Gamespot.What makes the game really special is this (and I quote from the official website):Oblivion features a groundbreaking new AI system, called Radiant AI, which gives non-player characters (NPCs) the ability to make their own choices based on the world around them. They'll decide where to eat or who to talk to and what they'll say. They'll sleep, go to church, and even steal items, all based on their individual characteristics. Full facial animations and lip-synching, combined with full speech for all dialog, all…