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VMware: Time for vacation?

No kidding. This "Earth Friendly" piece of software is helping people and industry give the server count a severe jolt by bunging them all in a lot less physical boxes. This Canadian vacation company, called Intrawest, realized that its own server farm needed a break.

"In a lab environment, VMs made sense and there wasn’t a lot of push-back, he said. Bringing VMs into a production environment, however, has been a big challenge. Conceptually, the IT department has approval to proceed, but the details and what it’s going to mean to the business haven’t been worked out yet."

I'll agree. You know why? Even though this has nothing to do with the performance. Change. Yes. And Management of that Change is what we need. The transition process needs to be carefully planned and executed! Thats the roadmap a lot of companies/organizations need to look at. Its not the technology, its us and our fear to let go! Labs are great and I've seen labs run faster and effectively…

HP to acquire Rahul Sood's Voodoo PC!

Well hear from the horse's mouth yourself. I don't need to say much as Rahul seems to tell his tales pretty well ;-)

So who's it gonna be next on the gaming arena: SUN or IBM? The Falcon is waiting. Or will Oracle whack us silly with another surprise move. Its the age of personalization. More than ever. Why? See around yourself. In your homes. In the education sector. Everywhere! There are modern CEOs who do gaming to learn their clients. I can go on and on. But you get the drift, I see...

Hang on to VMware!

I kind of feel that its unfair to compare VMware with Microsoft. And I'm not being sarcastic here. VMware has a enterprise class product and Microsoft has things like Vista, Office, Web on their minds and hands. Sure a take over of connectix may have risen some hopes of some of the geeks in Microsoft that "OK finally we get to play with some cool technologies". Sure a lot of really smart folks are into the Server Technologies there. But the problem is that they have too many fishes to fry. And Virtualization is VMware's fish. A 800 pound fish! And that's why its no surprise to me that people stick to their product. These guys are pretty hard working folks and by god, I know that these guys live and eat their product all the time. A great place to be!

I am not going to get into the nitty-gritty of why Microsoft is into its locked down proprietary mode. Although I do hope someday some free thinking CEO will set a lot of things free there. So these guys getting toget…

WiMAX: Intel going full blast in Brazil!

Here we see a total makeover of developing world in the offing. I did edit my WiMAXed blog as well.

Intel, with its World ahead Program, is truly making some waves and penetrating in places where no geek has gone before! And in a couple of years we will have geeks who would be sitting in the remotest of places that would be remote no more.

Intel's World Ahead Program, which promotes the use of computers in public areas in developing countries, bankrolled the installation of a WiMAX tower and five spots in the city of Parintins where students, teachers and doctors will now have fast Internet connections for the first time.

Imagine, isn't it cool!

"I think we're trying to show if you can do it in a remote city like Parintins then you can do it just about anywhere,"


Users say: Vyatta at par with Cisco!

I'll tell you something. When the user community starts saying it. You better believe it. It got slashdotted! We already cooked up the Vyatta Virtual Appliance. And it is definitely will be the one I will be using during my trip to Uganda in Nov. There I will be:
Organizing workshopsLiaising with vendors (VMware, Sun, others)
Setting up training labsAdvocating the use of Virtualization and setting up a complete enterprise on it!And Vyatta will be our router there!I will talk more about our trip to Africa. We have been pretty busy with the delegation here. (They are still here) and I've given some trainings/introduction to:

VMware's Virtual Infrastructure (Both server side and client side- ACE that is)
Open Source technologies (Routers, IPS/IDS, firewalls, ldap, LMS, CRM, CMS..list is endless)WiMAX
Amazing thing was that the folks were truly excited and happy. I'm pretty excited myself as it is really an amazing opportunity to show how we can deliver a low cost yet sophistic…

Life'd For Life

I am , I am
crimson blue, reddish blue
We are, We are
and I don't have a clue

Happened one day, someday
to you, to me, from you
Meteoric event, so calm
embedded deep in blue

Hear my gurgled laugh
muffled yet breathing
Screams passing through
shooting pain in my thigh

Reminders they are,
remind me, remind me again
My skin, my fusion crust
they ache with sweet pain

man of god
man of science
man of you
man of the world
man to you
man that sinned
man that I was
man that I am

walk this earth
serpentine my path
cutting like razor
edging against wrath

racing against gravity
my wagon resists
fighting the voices
my song persists

my inner frenzy
my song, my song
my restless soul
rested when in upheaval

your pulchritude
your idiosyncrasies
I will manage you
manage me, will you

man to child
man forever
man to myself
manned by man
man(oeuvre) me
man of the great skies
man , the existentialist
man , I happen to be

winds billowing in my head
shredding my eardrums
sound garden, not this
precious madness this

echoes in the cerebra
resurrection time …

Will Oracle acquire Blackboard?

With all the application suite strengthening and Oracle posting a bold Q1 results (30%). Its time to look towards the Educational Institutions and Software.


No long stories, this is pretty simple. A lot of countries are laying deeper emphasis on education. All around the world. Not just US, Europe but just about everywhere. And there is enough market to capitalize. Yet. Oracle can be a very aggressive player and we all know it.

I browsed and saw this interesting post from Rob Reynolds. And this was in Jan 2005. Much before the Blackboard+WebCT merger. See for yourself what this mix-n-match has to say.

But yet again, we're just musing here, right? Right?

Here's some company and culture mergers that might be interesting to see in higher education this year (and please note -- I don't actually expect any of these to really happen):

1. BlackBoard and WebCT -- Wow, wouldn't this be interesting? The clash of cultures is pretty great here although recent surveys show that u…

Data Center Managers love VMware!

Whats not to love about VMware. The products are cool and you have solutions that can fit every budget!

DC estimates that nearly 500,000 server boxes equipped with virtualization software will ship this year, up from just above zero three years ago. By 2009, the number of units shipped is expected to reach 1.2 billion, the research firm said. "I'm shocked by the level of adoption of virtualization," IDC analyst Michelle Bailey told a conference audience.

Gosh! That is some staggering figure! So have you made up your mind yet? If not, catch that first flight and plan to go to Los Angeles today!

VMworld is the place to be if you want to stay abreast with the latest trends. Check here for more details.

Read further ...

More news:
Well we knew there will be lots of players writing management software for VMware. Opsware is doing that as well.
Opsware Inc. (NASDAQ: OPSW), the leading provider of Data Center Automation software, today announced the company's strategy for managin…

Technology Preview for Transparent Paravirtualization

Check it out here. Also you have some pre-packed appliances like Fedora Core 5 and SuSe 10.

What is Transparent Paravirtualization?

Read more here...

More stuff on strategy and Change management coming up...

The little break from blogging did me good (Read all the Dan Brown books: except Da Vinci). Lots of exciting things keeping me pondering (thus a less frequent blogging). But I'm back now. I'm into several exciting projects (mostly international) where my expertise (ahem) in infrastructure (Virtualized with VMware mainly) is much needed. And I'm happy to oblige.

Anyways I will be talking about more on change management and strategies (including the VMware's marketbusting strategies that I talked about in a previous post).

So stay tuned...

PS: I'm also working on my longest song/lyric/poem (call it what you will 8-))ever!
PS2: Not to mention that I am deep deep into evagelizing (keeping the strategic intent focused on both internalizational & externalizational aspects) the Virtualization.

VMware Lab Manager beta!

Got an invite and I'm pretty curious what it is. Check it out yourself tho. I must commend the guys for quickly wrapping the Akimbi into the lab manager.

I was kinda stuck in a previosu international project that I did on virtualization (Ashish you watching this too from India?) and wanted to really do a demo on the provisioning of my "Globally Deliverable Infrastructure" Architecture. (Take a look at this JPG to see what I mean when wanting to use the Lab Manager to deploy appliances across the globe)

Good job, fellas!

Sustainable infrastructure: WiMAX, Virtualization for startups!

I will be presenting some "Next-Gen" infrastructure to some of the delegates from Uganda (where we are doing a project for 5 Universities) in next two weeks. I will be talking about some real kick ass infrastructure. Money is a definite issue so we will be proposing a prototype "Virtualized Infrastructure" for the pool of 5 Universities.

The developing nations are picking up the threads by adopting the roadmap for a wireless infrastructure. Look at the nations where WiMAX is getting adopted. So what are these developing nations up to?

GigaOm was on a road trip and saw an emerging "Wireless Peru" going full blast with it.Intel is going full blast with its WiMAX trial in India
And there are a dozen alleged trials in the offingUganda already has one setup in Kampala (We'll be travelling there in November to discuss and explore the possibilities of setting up robust but cheap, sustainable yet high-performance Infrastructure.) They will be expanding that pret…