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Coming up: Hi Context, Low Context

Well having you fly with me in deep dark energized space is something we'll continue anyways, but it's time to descend down and talk about how we communicate/interact with each other. Sometimes poorly(where we experience breakdown) and sometimes strongly(where we experience the magic).

I'll try to talk about the context richness(or the lack thereof)and also my experiences with all the nationalities and what I learnt from it.

Mankind Mankind, I celebrate you!

This is in honor of all mankind

mankind mankind, I celebrate you
You want to kiss the sun
I want to kiss you
love you,hug you, hold you

mankind mankind, I would take you
I would wake you, shake you
I would help you stand tall
I would honor you, like you honor me

mankind mankind, I'd forgive you
I would walk with you, hand in hand
I talk with you, like I never did
I would listen to you, soothe you

mankind mankind, I would enjoy you
I'd rejoice in you, I'd return to you
I would come back to you, for you
I would stand by you, for you

mankind mankind, I would fly for you
die for you, never give up on you
I'd stay alive for you, I'd lie for you
I would never die on you

mankind mankind, I reveal myself to you
I open my eyes for you
I'd walk that extra mile for you
I'd walk a while for you

mankind mankind, I'd walk through fire for you
breathe the cold steely blue fire for you
I'd always revel in the thought of you
I celebrate you, my Mankind.

Black Galactic Seas will continue soon...

The journey will continue. And not because my Java Teacher handed me the "Parallel Worlds" by Michio Kaku but because suddenly I was reading stuff which ran thru my mind since I was a little kid. My instructor is a rather unique guy during my SCJP course(SL-275) we talked all the time about the 11th dimension, String Theory, The fate of the universe,Worm holes, Portals, Levitation and what not.

He's going to be writing a book on his own ideas pretty soon, and hearing him I suddenly feel the need to get back to my version of the "Worlds of Worlds"(No, the title will be different of course :)), which I started way back in 97.

I will also write a bit of my own "My Poor Brain On Java" series, just to inspire myself to think like a good OO nerd.

A Collection of Threnodies : Part 4

The Fallen Angel

I need a reason
I need a resignation
I need a designation
I am in need, needy me!

Hands soiled, soul ripped
mind in turmoil, I'm hurting
I seem to float above
yet i'm the downtrodden

I've seen carnage
I've seen glory
I've met death
I've met the gory

I hung on the cross
I hang in thin air
I hang again
and again and again

I've risen from the fall
I'm waiting for my wagon
That'll help me commute
out of here at thought speed

I'm unmarked like a bullet ridden bill
I've marked myself so I won't be missed
I've swallowed pride time and again
I've fought and I've won

Rarest breed this
I've struggled for eons
You're my power, my tower
Help me out of this gelatinous nebulae

Let's go there, let's make a new ball
Let's try again, let's, oh please let's
Let's see the magical rivers flow
Let's hang the forbidden fruits way up there

I'm the warrior who bled for thee
I've watched the magn…

Bollywood in Amsterdam 11 June 2005!

Well, last week I was at work and I got a call from my wife that the bollywood was coming to Amsterdam. All but me knew ofcourse, as I haven't really followed Indian cinema in the last 8-10 years.

So she booked two tickets and we're off to Amsterdam to see the starr. I'll report back on how it went.

Need to leave now...

A Collection of Threnodies : Part 3

Black Galactic Seas

The sails are set,
The flares are blazing,
the yellow wind is on the stern
Stations, fore and aft!

The captain orders "full ahead!"
We're at the speed of thought*
We're in that telepathic tunnel
The sea is dark and cluttered

The solar winds are thrusting us ahead
We're off to the land of the freed
Seas are mixed, bermuda's all around
We're rocking ahead(oh yeah), we're yawing

The Islands pass us by, them dead rocks!
The abysmal depths deepen further
as well change shifts, I smile wryly
I'm going back, I'm gonna be home.

The colors are in perfect unison
The Neptune rise is a real treat
The path is treacherous, elliptical
I smell the galactic salt in my nostrils

Raging storms near event horizon
seeking to kispum** with the departed
Mothers push the younger ones away
Soon to be united with the loved ones

As we approach the milky river
A pilot boads to help us get through
We watch the flared buoys on either sides
We spot dolp…

A Collection of Threnodies: Part 2

Suiphilomaniacal Me!

I'm on the edge of loving me
I'm on the verge on falling in love
I'm given to me
Adulation coated like gum on me

Wanting you to want me
wanting me want you want me
I'm in trance, I'm dissolved
I'm floored, I'm absolved

I'm the furnace, the charred cauldron
I'm the supernova, the solar flare
I'm that burning star, that rock
I'm gleeful, I race with the gods!

I'm gunning to go, from here to here
I displace myself, I misplace myself
I'm the shrewd, the sage, the enraged
I'd do you, just because I've (once) loved you

Perspicacious me, I gloat at thee
King acute,I'm the techno alighieri
Ok so I've sinned, haven't you?
Ok so I ducked, so should you

I've loose ends I forgot to tie up
You've got ends I could make help meet
I'm in the wilderness,dilapidation...
my ruins are my treasures for keeps

Watch me, watch me
watching you watching me watch you
So is the sky deep enough to fall …