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Lady Diane (CEO VMware) Speaks Again!

This interview was with "The Register".

Her take on Databases. Yes and I'd really love to see those developments going in the direction of Oracle RAC. I'm sure there are lots of SQL Server clusters running on VMware in production.

El Reg: What kind of applications are companies still a bit nervous about moving onto a virtual machine?

DG: I would say it is completely horizontal in the apps they are doing, but the apps where somebody might not do it is where you have something that uses every bit of a huge machine - like a giant database.

People run databases in the virtual machines, but a giant database that is using a whole machine and could use even more isn't on a virtual machine today.

I do think that will happen one day, but I think it will happen when the hardware support for virtualization gets further along.

El Reg: How many companies really do run Oracle on top of a virtual machine?

DG: Lots.

We see SQL Server and Oracle all the time. It's pretty widespread.


Working out the right way!

I did start working out(Oct 2005) and naturally my biceps begin to grow up and I have attempted to cross the 100kg/220lbs barrier on the bench press.And I am really back on track! Right?


Ok why then?

Here's my routine.

Mondays/Wednesdays : Bench Press/Legs Days/Abs
Warm up legs, bench (15 odd minutes max--I am eager to get started so I can barely wait)Squats (Quads:60-70-80-85 KGs) : 5 Sets
Bench Presses(Pectorals:70-80-85-90-95): 5 Sets
Dips (lower pectorals- body weight + 12-14 KG dumbbell trapped between ankles): 6 Sets
Inclined Bench Presses (for upper pectorals: 60-65-70): 5 SetsSome variation of Presses (Barbell: Military OR Dumbbell Presses) : Variations as they could be inclined, Sitting straight up or any other type.
StomachSo all this time I get started by the back is so stiff and all I was realizing was that the work out where I need to be really warmed up was not at all up to par. It was tiring and my back was aching.

So I've decided to start with the ABS (Stom…

Samba4 and Windows ADS interoperability!

Last night I've been busy setting up the Samba4 on my VMware Workstation. Installation went fine. I'll add the print screens and the rest later. We will also try to start playing with ADS and trying to pump all data, migrate users and the rest , bring the Windows PDC down and activate our Linux directory.

More coming soon...(as in tonight ;-))

Where do I get it?

OK A quick look at the installation. Remember a couple of things. This is a TP (Technology Preview), so don't go rushing into your environment and upgrading your Samba3 yet. Wait. Hey that's why we have VMware machines. No harm at all. We'll even make a copy of a sample ADS in VMware and do some fun stuff.

But OK first setting it up.

Unzip it (tar xzvf ...)Go to the source directory.

Run ./autogen (see below). Since this is no release yet, you have to generate scripts by hand.and then ./configure


make proto all (if your GCC version is above 3.4 you can do it a lot faster (five times faster they say) the…

Gaim'ing with AOL, MSN, Yahoo, GoogleTalk, Jabber and more!

I'm sure you've heard of it and if you haven't then I'm sure you followed news on the web about the ruckus where Google did hastily *acquire* the Gaim top notch developer into their team.

After all why? Well if you did not get it yet. Go to your kids room and see how many contacts they have on their MSN messenger, Yahoo, AOL, Googletalk and more. Developers already do have a chat module for Jabber built in. I have one (plugin) on my IntelliJIDEA Java IDE. How and to what amazing great lengths the business world can benefit from this phenomenon is yet to be seen. But like I said, I'll dedicate my articles (Our "future of IT Series") where we'll ponder about a lot of things. Ubicomp ("Ubiquitous Computing") to what we now are calling "Pervasive Computing". We'll just cut lose and break away with our visions.

Well to say the least Google knows very well that indeed the network IS the computer. It has been that all along. And no mat…

Trying out Pando with 110mb email attachment!

Well after applying to the beta and telling all of you to check it out. I was replying to someone (Well the guy is an accomplished Oracle Professional who does a lot of presentations, writes articles and has over 10 years of experience, I just didn't name him as I don't/didn't have his permission) who had trouble with the in the "Oracle RAC on VMware" series with the Oracle 10g Release2. He did have a 110mb word doc (I think he saved everything on *.bmps).

I suggested him to use Pando and transfer it to me. Easy stuff. And the rate is not that bad either. I got something like 150KB/s with my regular download limit with 550KB/s. (Ignore the 30KB/s on the pic as I'm downloading someother stuff AND working on a remote computer with VMware AND..ahem...OK I know you don't care)

So keep Pando'ing fellas! And don't forget you can go upto 1Gb in the beta trial.

Running Fedora core 5 test 2 on VMware

Of course we weren't going to just wait and see what it is. I went ahead and installed it on my VMware. Check out a couple of print screens here... (I'll add more as they come)

What I observed here quickly is...
The look is getting a lot slicker, I mean if Redhat has to compete with those slicker looking models like Mandriva and Ubuntu, it has to start working really hard on the looks. You won't win the desktop market if you keep looking pale.
Clear segregation of properties like the base, applications etcLots of new features like Tomcat5 and all other binaries like Xerces, Oro, log4j etcI hope the support for Samba3 and also Samba4 gets a lot more attention and more intuitive interface where connecting to Windows networks.This is my quick check on this test version. Sure there are going to be a lot of improvements and we will watch them closely.

And to close some more pretty screens (upon restarting)

Funny thing is I did install VMware tools and they didn't complain really…

"My Poor Brain on Linux" Series

I did make a gentle start to Java on the "My Poor Brain" series (I know I haven't had the time to get past the basic stuff,but I can't help it as I'm not flooded with offers to start doing lots of work on Java where I can learn it a lot better. Having said that it doesn't mean that we won't talk about it).

About Linux, there's a lot of talk, loads and loads of info on the web but learning you can only do if you...
Define some targetsSketch out waypoints across the mapStart with something usefulPick up a topic (it could be Snort where you'd want to deploy this robust IDS, it could be Squid where you'd want to cache stuff on your Webserver) that will get you excited about learning it.
So that's exactly I'll try to get myself and you excited and start talking about stuff so we can start playing with Linux.

So what are we going to talk about? Well they will be anything and everything.
Linux Security (SELinux etc)
Linux Clustering (Clusters such …

Burn Burn Burn

Combust or go bust!
I, I, I breathe myself...
I'm burning , low flame, low flame
I'm burning, blue flame, blue flame

Perpendicularly correct
Flame is all I got,
Frozen in my wrath
Vesuvium hisses within

Race towards the colors
the light shines and absorbs
Black body me, Black body me
I contain, I retain

I found my den
I'm mine like you
I needed to know
Divinity in dilapidation, So divine...

Rearranged, I'm back in black
resurrected, I hurt enough already
Wronged once,I stand corrected
Chase me as I breathe fire...

Slapping across both cheeks
Fiery winds wake me,
Fiery winds take me,
take me, take me

Shooting pain, so phallic
I'll bleed, I'll retch
I need and I fetch
whatever it takes, I'll take

Shamed once, I am seduced by me
I've burned for ages
I'll continue to burn
burn, burn, burn...
(waiting till you come around)

Look out for my RedHot IT Future Series

I'll be starting this year, as promised before , some hot topics that will not only change the way we will work but also how we will communicate with each other. Actually these changes are already taking place in our current social setup but they will be adopted by the business community to rev their businesses.

Blogging on Games and Media News!

I've asked a friend (Jorn) to talk about games (Playstation, Nintendo DS, XBox etc), media and other news where he pays a helluva attention to. And he agreed!.

I'm personally a Playstation gekko but he's a bit too deep into that stuff and I'm pleased to have him onboard as a contributor. So expect loads of news , print screens and other stuff from Jorn.

I'm sure you'll enjoy it! I know, I will ;-)

Attach as much muscle as you can with Pando!

I just got an email to tyr and test this software. Still in bta though but apparently anyone can get it now!

They have they forum, their blog and of course here if you want to download and test it.

So ok I have trouble looking for the centos iso's, let's see if we can put them up there.

So log in and get moving...

VMware's geek lady Diane Greene interviewed!

No doubt 2005 has been a great year for VMware and let me tell you 2006/2007/2008 will be (in my words) golden years for VMware. Like any ultimate geek club, VMware will lead and stay the leader.

There have been talks about VMware cutting lose from the storage giant EMC, although the heavyweight marketing backing is not something you'd want to get rid off. And given the fact that MS has it's own plans for it's Virtual Server, one should not forget sometimes riding the camel in a desert is a better deal than walking it alone and running out of fuel.

Anyways those are speculations and maybe someday VMware will decide to go it's own way or may not...

Anyways here a few excerpts...

How do you see the technology coming together between VMware and the management tools and devices that are tying into virtualization?
Greene: We have an existing SDK out there for managing our virtual machines. IBM Director, HP's virtualization management software, CA's Unicenter and BMC'…

News Round up, Market watch for today

EMC softening (or should I say strengthening) it's relationship with Microsoft with this acquisition. I don't know what this means but some guys are on the rebound track and even Oracle sent me the magazine talking about Windows Power!

OpenOffice to support U3 flash drive.

Google to launch an online Video Store!

Motorola looks back in the 60's pointing to it's futuristic paintings then,only to say, "We've been saying it all along!"

Well google is not going to bring out it's PC (maybe never BTW) but the Google Pack (IMO) was a no-brainer. C'mon, most of the folks have it all. Nothing original there. Remember everyone runs out of gas once in a while.

Oracle Voyager Worm Exploit!

OK so this story aint new and these guys have some how got some publicity thanks to the e-week and are basking in the 25 sec fame about the Oracle worm issue.

You'd be nuts to have your DBA role to public and thereby with the *vulnerable* version of CTXSYS schema as well (so you've been pretty slack in not complying with the Oracle security patches!) but anyways. See here what it does.

Anyways like I said, you just don't keep all accounts unlocked and lot's of things which Oracle also recommends (in it's Nov letter to customers) is a good advice.

So what are we gonna blog in 2006?


Lot's more threnodies coming up, I didn't really do much there actually. I'll be lot more active this year. Soon (in a day or two) to come "Burn Burn Burn" and of course I'm dying again to continue the "Galactic Journey" series
A sharp watch on developments in Market, Business of course.
I'll write some articles about the future of me that was the past of me that will be the future of me again(from my perspective thus)Future of IT. (Heck, guys at Gartner do it for 495$ a piece, I'll do it for free!:-))
Opine of course! Like a friend of mine says " An opinion is like an a***hole, everyone's got one".
I'll write more tech related articles {mainly Linux, virtualization [vmware and xensource mainly], Networking, Clustering, Storage, Oracle, and anything else that I might fall in love with}on my OraclePerformance blog.Java too (won't promise much though, Ruby and RoR will be the development language to watch this year)An…

Microsoft Worms: Weapons of Mass Frustration?

The latest outbreak of the WMF vulnerability was taken rather loosely by the Microsoft folks who plan to release a security patch way way too late.

And ofcourse the Oxy-Morons are getting rather poor reviews there.

OK F-Secure did come in to rescue (So F-Secure, do you want an early vacation or what? I mean what better way to sell yourself to M$$ :-))

According to Viruslist, the Dutch folks didn't quite think it was funny.

Anyways I think in today's ever increasing web glued world, image is everything or nothing if you're defaced! Remember people gossip, people bitch!

Working on Part VI : RAC on VMware series

Right now I'm sitting and finalizing the article for Oracle 10g Release 2 RAC with 2-node Linux RHEL 4.2 or Centos 4.2.

I'll also give a brief introduction to what ESX Server is all about and how ESX Server 3.0 and Virtual Center 2.0 will virtually (literally actually :)) revolutionize the virtualization world as it'll just run any mainframe application clustered application (and Oracle RAC is a good candidate here) like a piece of cake.

So hang tight. It'll be up on in a day or two.