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presentTime == pastTime

I somehow never get myself up and running when it comes to writing articles. Why? I asked myself. We are all living in a highly "wired" age. Information has been up for grabs more than ever. We are all searching, browsing the web with our enormous tentacles. All that information can be too much information, useless information, irrelevant information, BUT apparently all of it is absorbable(Is that a word?). That keeps us unnecessarily glued to those boxes, wide eyed, waiting for that response from that nasty fella, who you just slam dunked with you wisecracks. time sinking, I'd say. We all have developed an very strong urge to go out there and meet anyone and everyone. Look at blogging,everyone(including me) is opining. Blogging is part of the technology that has been adopted so quicky and will be soon be dropped. We just created yet another place to say something. AGAIN! I have seen many lovely things come and go, to name a few which have been very appealing to me are


Here we're gonna be talking about where you should really pay attention to when setting the cursor_sharing parameter in your oracle database (in the hope of 'fixing' your database).