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TarryBlogging in Uganda continues with!

TarryBlogging continues vigorously (Well you guys/gals know me). I was having some trouble keeping time. (Working like 14-18 hours a day). But I am (as we speak)on the RealTravel. Please do search for "tarry" (duh..sorry) and you'll find me there. You'll follow my trip across the country and follow my impressions about the country (and also upcountry) out there. I am obviously pushing Virtualization all over the place! (hehehe)

More later...

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Vyatta Virtual Appliance 1.0.3 ready for download!

As promised. It is ready to be downloaded here.

BetaFest: VMware Converter Beta!

I was pleased to be part of the select group to test the "VMware Converter Beta".This is a very important tool and I have been waiting for it for quite sometime.

Vyatta Virtual Appliance update coming up!

We will soon update our Vyatta Virtual Appliance. I am working closely with my Vyatta friends to provide you with a brand new and improved Vyatta OFR!

openQRM: A boon to Data Center Management!

Who are the guys behind openQRM initiative. If you remember I did cover that in the older post of site, you will find out more about them. They are the founding members of the OMC club.I may do an interview with the guys in the coming weeks. I am in talks with the folks (among others) as I will be displaying the openQRM during my trip to Africa. BTW: If you want to follow my trip to Africa, please do check my Travel Blog at RealTravel.Now getting back to openQRM. What is it?In Qluster's words:openQRM provides provisioning of the entire software stack on physical servers and virtual machines like VMware and Xen. openQRM also has a policy engine so that resources can be provisioned based on external business needs and the requirements of internal organizations automatically. The Qlusters’ Hot Migration enables the migration of running applications from one machine to another without service interruption.My take on DataCenter Management and SMB:I personally think that a lot of offer…

Moved to MediaTemple!

Quick update...

I have made the move to Media will be droppedVirTarry is under construction

Grid Webhosting by Media Temple!

I have been looking for an alternative against my Lycos site. I have my website hosted there. Well MediaTemple offers some real cool stuff for $20 a month! I pay , hang on how much do I pay?

Well 17.50 for
I have 4 MySQL databases4G diskspace40G monthly transferAnd some goodiesAnd what does Grid Server (which I saw on Techcrunch today) has to offer?
100 GBs of premium storage1 TB of short-path bandwidthHost up to 100 individual sites64 MB Ruby/Mongrel containerAll of the features below, and more...That is 2 euros less than what I pay and 20 times more disk space and 25 times more data transfer!

Looking to polish my blog/sites

I'll be spending sometime working on the CSS/HTML
Buy a logo for my VirTarry Engineering (I did try a few)

Some tests for TarryBlogging

And here a few tryouts for VirTarry

PS: Thanks to Logomaker for letting me try out these samples.

I'll be repolishing the site as it really sucks! (Read: Looks ugly) and then we will start. So stay tuned...

I'm open to more suggestions though.

OTRS Virtual Appliances is downloadable now! - No more Mediamax for me!

Problem solved. I've put it up on my own site again! The hosted files at Mediamax are worthless as users cannot download anything once the quota has been passed!

Look at this Mediamax offerings:

Even the professional edition will be useless for most of "active professionals". Its not the 1TB that I want but the downloads. I'll go for a lot cheaper option (a lot less than that $30p/m) and setup my own physical server with 4TB disk space and unlimited download possibility.

Download OTRS Virtual Appliance today!

As promised. Its ready!

First very quickly why I like it:
Its Free!Its used by several organizations I know myselfI personally think (and have experience with at least two major vendors) several (Trouble ticket/Incident Mgmt Systems) proprietary counterparts don't really do an excellent job and you pay through your nose!I will be proposing this also as part of my ongoing "Open Source Enterprize" strategy, to deploy as a premium trouble ticket and incident management system (We will bake a Virtual Appliance on that too very soon!) for your open source enterprize! (z because z>s!)

Instructions to log in your OTRS trouble ticket system:
Unzip the tar.gz file (NOTE: When you unzip the file, please look for a small 1KB file called fc4 and rename it to FC4.vmx, I don't know why that happens but I will RAR the appliance again and upload it)
Discover this in your VMware Server, VMplayer or WorkstationStart the machine and find the IP address of your machine by doing " ifc…

Coming soon : OTRS Virtual Appliance!

What is OTRS? Well you should have known by now, if you don't here's a brief introduction.

OTRS is an Open source Ticket Request System (also well known as trouble ticket system) with many features to manage customer telephone calls and e-mails. The system is built to allow your support, sales, pre-sales, billing, internal IT, helpdesk, etc. department to react quickly to inbound inquiries. Do you receive many e-mails and want to answer them with a team of agents? You're going to love the OTRS!

You certainly will. We have tried some really good (and equally crappy at the same time) incident and troubleticket systems. As a matter of fact we are struggling with the current one since a year. and we pay a large sum of money to have that extra burden on our heads! While OTRS happens to be used largely by lots of organizations.
Hear from them yourself!. Look at the exhaustive list of features.

Installation and packaging was easy. This appliance will be up and ready for download soo…

My boys: Nick and Brian

Veeam CEO interviewed!

I was wondering about this little startup firm called Veeam. I invited the CEO for a little chat and was happy when he obliged. I am always attracted to startups for variety of reasons. Some of them being:
They are sharp and lightweightThey address the direct needs of the consumersThey dig into the market and discover gaps and holes (based on deep business needs of the constantly evolving consumer) which bigger firms fail to notice. I have spoken about this phenomenon (called "bounded awareness") on my vlogAnyways lets take a look at these gentlemen's impressive biographies.

Ratmir Timashev

Ratmir Timashev presents a rare combination of business savvy and technical knowledge which helps him in his position as the president of Veeam Software, allowing him to create a vision for the company that is forward-looking, realistic, and meets the customer needs.
Timashev has more than a ten-year business experience. In 1993, he founded Midwestern Commerce, the predecessor of Aelita …

Consumerization and commoditization of IT

I just changed the title of this post as I am very interested in talking about the whole new era of IT. We, in the corporate world, are so lagging behind the development. The developments that is fuelled by the consumers and users alike. Where are proactive and collaborative communities? Who is building websites these days? Who makes money from selling software (People offer tons and tons of disk space for free!)? Bloggers are the king today. Blogging is also sometimes called as "citizen journalism". The young ones are going for the run.

I get emails from CEOs offering me to test their product and still telling the world about it. Why? Its all about marketing! I market their product and they give me the goods to test and play. We both turn out heroes :-)

Well this is 101 (One-on-One) tacit tie-up. But the same is already happening in the business world . And universities too are looking to catapult themselves to fame by doing the favor and returning favors to the consumers. We…

Sneak peek at Veeam's FastSCP for ESX Server!

I was happy to welcome the Virtual Infrastructure 3. But I had to say good bye to my regular FTP tools, which for security reasons had to be replaced by..well WinSCP for instance.But did you notice that the upload and download speed reduced dramatically? Then I got this opportunity from Veeam's CEO (who I will be interviewing later)to let me take a sneak peek at the Fast SCP tool. And this tool is pretty fast.

Much faster than the WinSCP! I was doing an average of 300KB/s against a non SCP which would have been above 1.2MB/s. FastSCP worked a lot faster for me!

I will publish the results later. This tool will be made GA on the 10th of October 2006, so stay tuned!

Here are some print screens:

And we are happy to have putty built in as well

So hold on to your horses until monday...

Download Sakai Virtual Appliance today!

Here we go, its ready for download. Click on the button below to go to VMTN directory and download it there.

Some useful information:

Login to the the system with username = sakai and password = s@k@1Do ifconfig eth0 to find the IP address of your Virtual Appliance. An IP address will look something like this: , it may differ for your PC or laptop.
Do "cd /sakai-demo" at the command promptThen type " ./ " to start your sakai environmentGo to a web browser, on your host machine and type " http://youripaddress:8080/portal replace "youripaddress" with your IP addressLogin to the sakai portal with username = admin and password = adminEnjoy your Sakai Virtual Appliance.

Sakai Virtual Appliance ready!

I've prepared a Sakai Virtual Appliance. I used:

Ubuntu Dapper Drake (machine is called sakabuntu, login = sakai, password = s@k@1, JDK 1.5.0_06 installed, Xserver and also a complete LAMP configuration done, just in case you want to try out more stunts like, changing the HQLDB with MySQL etc, Tomcat is NOT installed but you don't need to worry as Sakai demo will run fine
my free timeIt'll soon be up on the VMTN Virtual Appliance directory.

Meanwhile a couple of print screen for your eyes only...

More details later...