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Blog Statistics and Indexing Revisited

I answered to this post about loads of AJAX Office Suite applications mushrooing all over the place. I got a helluva hits, just look at the graph below. Thanks fella's for dropping by and reading my article on Google's quest to take on the throne.

One word : AwesomeYottaCool!!!

About indexing I spoke about being nubmer three on the "optimizing firefox" index, here

and today even someone from Japan searching on that search key

on the Firefox, I'm happy that folks are working on their firefox especially since the news on how firefox growth was slowing down was not really what we were expecting. We wanted the fox to devour the E! :-) esparanze y paciencia!

We'll talk about more on the AJAX applications. It's picking momentum for sure.

Google Indexing and PageRank Algorithm: How does it work?

Google indexing works in ways that I don't understand. Well all I know is that the spiders got to me and doing a search on "optimizing firefox", I was 3rd on the list. Now ain't that cool!

PageRank Algorithm:

PgRnk(pg1) = (1-d) + d { PgRnk(pg2)/C(pg1) + ... + PgRnk(pgn)/C(pgn) }

Well OK it's simple math here.

o PgRnk(pg1)..PgRnk(pgn) = Page Rank's of Pages
o C(pg1)..C(pgn) = Number of outgoing links from those pages.
o d = damping factor(value of d between 0 and 1) usually set to 0.85

And how does it work?

Basically it all comes down to
Incoming links: They are all welcome, and even the bad one's will do nothing but enhance your position on the Google's indexing world. Worst come worst, it'll merely do *nothing*, if it was a negative link. So you're safe (kind of).
Outgoing links: The fewer the better, the one's with same pagerank and the with the least outgoing links will be the one that'll give you a better position on the index. Page Rank …

Virtualization : Why should a company pick VMWare?

OK fellas , No bullshit, plain facts. You're a Technical Consultant and are looking for some solid reasons to REALLY REALLY tell the client why he'd need Virtualization and why specifically VMWare ESX Servers

o Server Consolidation (If you have 100 existing Servers, and lot's of them are underutilized, You'd be shocked that you might bring that number down drastically!)

o It will save you huge amounts of money just in Cooling the Server Environment. Less Servers == Less load on the Air conditioners. And don't forget the Electricity bill too.

o Save money on Multiple Server Contracts, bring them down to just a handful of servers. ( I know, I know, I should use fancy terms like TCO and ROI, but we're talking to a client who's very impatient).

o Drastically reduce the Administration costs: Less physical servers, less running around, more time to talk to your Sys Admins!

o Package the whole Server! : Well you want to restore the crashed scenario, forget about doing …

Oracle Haters!

Being a regular member of DBASupport forum, I saw a post by Hacketta in the Obfuscation forum. We've got a official Oracle Hater's Club at The Daily WTF

Lot's of Goodies for sale too. Look for T-Shirts or Logo (You don't have to go throught the OCP certification Track!)

Just don't run into an Oracle Environment parading with these Goodies :-)

Take look at the T-Shirt

and one of the many logo's

Google the next Software Giant?

Although I can feel that the ship is picking up speed and racing at speeds faster than the speed of light. An article about this reviewer/author,Stephen E. Arnold, muses over Google's growth from a search engine to the next Major Software Giant.

But what's next? Author Stephen Arnold has closely analyzed Google patents, engineering documents and technology and has concluded that Google has a grand ambition--to push the information age off the desktop and onto the Internet. Google, he argues, is aiming to be the network computer platform for delivering so-called "virtual" applications, or software that allows a user to perform a task on any device with an Internet connection.

And I bet you 100% that Google is very soon gonna come out with an Online "Google Office Suite". And I really won't be surprized if they do it before the final release of the Office 12 and *take a peek at these developments in AJAX Word Processor, SpreadSheet, Calender, Presentation

Opera Finally free !

As you can see clicking on the link you are invited to welcome to download it for freeeee!

Hang on! Ok so what's really cool about opera now. Check them out here

Ok they've got lot's of things to tell. Some of the things I liked were...

o They apparently claim to have the fastest browser on the planet, which you can check here.

o They have a robust security around the browser.

o I liked the tabbed browsing the most. Saves me the trouble of starting multiple instances. See a flash demo here

o Integrated search : Ok it's more like a wrapper around in your own browser. Ok it's nice fancy thing. See a demo here.

o Voice : I never understood about the whole voice thing. But they're allegedly the first. Read more here.

o All supported Os's possible : That makes it acceptable to larger public.

It's Official: Google Starts Wifi Campaign!

Geez I've been polling(at regular intervals) all sorts of Google DNS names (Of course I won't tell you all of them) but Slashdot beat me to it! Grrrr...

Anyways Google is starting it's campaign on Wifi. Well they better!!! Here see it for yourself!

So kick-ass wifi has begun...

Why is Google Secure Access a beta product?

Google Secure Access is a new product that is only available at certain locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are constantly working to improve this product.

Oh-kay this is not really gonna help us all. But Larry you gotta look in Europe as well. There's massive market here and you hafta cash in. Give me a call! :-)

Install VMWare Workstation 5 on Fedora Core 4

Coming soon...I'll put in my text later this evening.

Ok this is what you'll need.

o VMware 5.0 workstation
o vmware-any-any-update93.tar.gz
o kernel-source
o gcc
o gcc-c++
o make

Do a simple rpm -qa kernel* gcc* make to get the versions info. If you don't have them them YUM them, If you know what I mean :-). I had a gcc 4.0.1 and was getting complaints from the script. Anyways...

Versions checked, All OK. Then do the following...

o make cloneconfig; make prepare-all
o rpm -ivh VMware-workstation-5.0.0-13124.i386.rpm or untar the gzip version, your call.
o tar -xzf vmware-any-any-update93.tar.gz
o Run the perl script ./
o The above will start the and you should countinue installing without problems.

Good Luck!

Back to the GYM!

I'm back!!! And I can hear my body screaming "Yeaaaahhhhh, tis been a while!"

The gym is a local university (where I work) gym, cool equipment. Both freehand weights and Multigym stuff. After work I walk down to the gym to work "out".

Today's my 3rd day in ages. Where the f**k have I been? I'm asking myself. Anyways I'm glad to be back. Now all I need is a Nano Ipod, Foo fighters and 120 Kg stack for my bench press..Uhh Ok that'll take a while tho...

Good thing is also I meet a lot of students who have real cool and fun different things to tell. Met a bloke who was doing his PhD Chemistry and another one (a polish student) doing Civil Engineering. It already felt better when I pushed one of the guys do that extra rep on the inclined bench press.

I needed to break out anyways.

VMWare releases Workstation 5.5 Beta 1!

Watch it out here.
And download it here.

Some of the new features I liked were...

o Support for 64-bit guest operating systems : Neat, I'd say.

o Experimental support for 2-way Virtual SMP : Cool feature!

o Enhanced command line interface helps you manage snapshots : Was long on the wishlist, good.

o On Linux hosts, the user interface has been enhanced to work better with desktop appearance themes : Actually not bad, might as well look good too, no?

o Improved import capability lets you open and import Microsoft Virtual PC and Virtual Server virtual machines, as well as Symantec LiveState and Norton Ghost 9 system images, directly into Workstation : Why would anyone want to run MS Virtual PC, let alone bother to set it up for production, anyways good anticipatory move by VMWare.

Aw heck, read it all here at VMTN

My Google Wishlist!

Well as the world watches in awe, Google is whacking the big baddies left and right. But I think Google can and should penetrate in lot more areas. I have a wishlist and I'd like to see Google working it's way into other sphere's of our lives. So here's my list...

o Google Travel : I think the travel industry can benefit from more *honest and trustworthy* services. Well lets put it more simply, it'll give you the correct information. So you'll book your flights via
Google, you'll fly with Google air and your destination , be it for pleasure or business will be taken care by Google.

o Google Vacations : Ok here you'll book your vacations via Google, you'll be able to look down to the very hotel, camping, bungalow or villa using Google Earth. It will all be real and correct information.

o Google Education for Universities and High Schools : I think the education world is in dire straits. Why? Education suites come and education suites go. What we really…

Some memories from Japan

In our shop we have to volunteer to tell something about ourselves in our little "IT Newspaper". I had a older picture from my contract time in Japan with the company NYK where we used to load in Indonesian oil fields and sometimes in local Texaco Ports and discharge in Kashima/ Japan.

So he scanned this picture for me. Hmmm it's been a while since I worked out, I guess seeing this pic I really have to get back to shape. The guy in the Blue Pullover is a colleague of mine(A Radio Officer on Board).

Here we're standing on the poopdeck(backside of the ship).

As an addendum, just this stats on page loads on the day I posted this blog. Hmmm all the more a reason to get back to pumping iron...

And just later in the evening lot's of hits and newcomers to the blog. Damn, people like the

And the Quarterly keeps rising too...



Back from the French Vacation

So we came back last night. Vacation was great. Lot's of things happened in the last ten days.

Katrina virtually destroyed New Orleans. Devastation is rampant. It's all over the place. How tiny, helpless and weak we are against forces of nature. I hope we talk less about it and start by lending a helping hand to help! God help us all.

*Other things like google eventually released it's talk. I've already installed it and have invited couple of fellas.

Will blog later...