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Have you heard of Oracle Enterprise Linux?

Well I'm building an appliance with Oracle's linux and would want to run the RAC with VMware on it. Check out the unbreakable print screens :-)

VMware Converter beta rocks!!!

It really does. I mean you can do almost everything with it. Its been a tremendous improvement from what the P2V used to be. I won't get into the details but you can do pretty much everything.

I did today:

ESX 3.0 machine to a VMware Server, WorkStation, VMplayer conversion
and then
I'm doing now a P2V.

I can say a lot about it but just go through these screen shots and decide for yourself. I always adored these folks and I think I'll continue to do so. Very cool product folks. My review on this product: AWWWsome!

Watch this simple Physical to Virtual Conversion:

Go and virtualize fellas! And start right now!

Vyatta Virtual Appliance for the open Architecture?

Also I was grateful to the Vyatta team for having me given the slides to talk about Vyatta. The largest university was itself excited since they are still on Cisco and pay a hefty price.

Here some screen shots of Vyatta:

What did we speak about during our Africa trip?

Just a couple of pictures again. I spoke largely about Virtual Appliances:

I spoke largely about openQRM and its provisioning capabilities. You'll soon hear about what we intend to do with openQRM.

Virtual Appliances in Africa? Just ask Jessica!

They say a pictures speak volumes. So I'll post some pics here on my tour to the Uganda Technical College, Elgon. Here I am letting Jessica open up the Virtual Appliance OTRS and log on to the helpdesk system and filing a complaint! :-)

So if you are watching the VMWorld. I guess you can see it pretty clearly. Honestly I like the discussion on the VMworld (yawn..oops sorry) but you are digging me, right?

Not to mention that we are on that virtualization road. The question is when to start and not anymore why or how...

PS: Thanks to John Troyer (VMware), Don Langley and Matt(openQRM), Allan & Dave (Vyatta), OTRS for sharing their slides and collaborate with me to build their virtual appliances.

Whatever happened to APERI?

Remember we did cover it quite sometime ago (A year back almost!!!) and since then I haven't heard anything. It is apparently still in e proposal stage. They do have setup a page under eclipse.

Love the pics and framework

But I guess we'll just have to wait till the real stuff is released. Surprisingly EMC and HP still have not joined the team.

VMware Lab Mabager Beta 2.4 up for grabs!

Go here and get your Lab Manager. For those who want to know a brief history of Lab Manager: It is the Akimbi which we spoke about in our last few blog posts. Akimbi's site is still online but I'm sure the staff and the stuff has relocated to the VMware's HQ.

A print shot:

Anyways Lab Manager is a great provisioning tool but with a price of $ 15,000 (I don't know the details) it might be difficult for me to promote this tool against the openQRM . A some places like SMB and Educational and gov. institutions the prices keep adding up.

I am still excited about the tool and am pretty curious to test it as last time I was not able to build a lab environment with Akimbi. It had some problems with installing the agent on the ESX 2.5.x which , back then, was apparently supported by the Akimbi. I'll check if its fixed now.

I'm back home in Assen :-)

And was pleased to find the (belated) invitation of the VMware Fusion beta project! I was glad as I'm in a process of procuring this beauty :-)

And my invitation of course...