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VMware's Strategy: Customer Centric Innovation

This is an interesting approach. And it really is a no-brainer. WHY? Because every startup has walked through that alley. They've gone through the "Client is the king", "The one's who are closest to the clients are the gurus" (Not some dry sales guys who have a target to meet). Problem is when your portfolio expands (and bloats in most cases, Microsoft is a perfect example of it. Look at products like Office, Windows etc) you start deconstructing the constructive and collaborative practices.

Then you drop the sales and marketing staff to fend for themselves. They have to end up facing the harsh world. But it doesn't stop there. If you're looking for a job in a well established company and have tremendous skills and will power, don't expect the R&D division to be a haven. It is just about as far away from the customer. It is not Customer Centric anymore. They don't bond with the core customer group. They don't liase with the external f…

VMware's Virtualization Strategy: The Global Delivery Model

I will muse about this next phase into the virtualosphere later in the evening. This is a very interesting phenomenon. I gave a video session explaining about typical Legacy Architecture VS a Virtualized Architecture. So what is VMware's next strategy? Where are they gonna go? What are their plans? These questions must be ringing into the ears of the competitors every time they pull off something like VI3 or anything like that.

I will take some more of my new ideas to the discussion group we are holding here in the North (in Groningen) where we have invited several companies (many of them VMware partners who face and see clients struggle everyday with either desktop or Server side challenges be it deploying applications, upgrading OS's, patching, replacing hardware, migrating, as you see these lists go on and on...)

We will talk more on the Global Delivery Model in a few hours , in the meantime watch this video that we shot.( Thanks to Dave Bakker).

A typical example of Global De…

Real cash win by Virtualizing Virtual Infrastructure 3!

I really don't need to shout anymore. We are starting up a discussion group and I am beginning to feel that people are REALLY BEGINNING TO GET THE POINT!

No kidding. News like this about NationWide Inc. happening around you tells you enough. What it does tell us all is to:
Stop fooling aroundStop fooling yourselfStart listening to your tech and non-tech staffStart discussions and get everyone's valuable opinionsStart encouraging silent liars* to become honest protestorsTime is running outAnd so is your cashOn a international internship program at our University that I am supervising (where I am assisting in my role as a project manager/Supervisor, call it whatever you wanna call it), I can see that the difficult path towards the TCO/TCA is getting easier. Once we have a grip on our TCO we can surely bring down that number drastically (I'm hoping to present the case to reduce that amount by 40%). 40% or maybe even more, you know what that means. A lot!!!

Look at Nationwide Inc…

Hup Holland Series!

I will be writing this "Hup Holland" series for a variety of reasons.
I live here some 7 (seven) odd years and I feel for my country (despite the fact that I am of Indian descent)I have totally adopted the culture and am the culture has adopted me.
I have been past the dejection and disillusionment TO "hup holland mode"I have been through all the hurdles to realize and respect of what I have and how I liveI want to contribute to help make my country to become a nation of excellence and not just some vacation spot for some asians (pun intended! ;-))If I ever leave (I mean go to some other place , get a new job, move to afganistan because I wanna teach the kids out there or help street kids in argentina get computer savvy), I leave with pain (of parting) and not in disgust.
And last but not the least, I want to motivate you too! :-)
Listen to what I say about this...

AI will tell us the World Cup Winner 2006!

Two Indian students worked pretty crazily on a AI project and know who is the winner. I don't buy it personally, no one could have ever imagined that Greece would have won the Euro Cup 2004! No One!!!! Anyways check it out here...

Based on statistical analysis, artificial intelligence believes that the host country will lose to the Netherlands in the quarterfinals.

Heh heh...

"We think Brazil and Italy will be in the final and Brazil will win," said Fasihnia, who will be nevertheless be supporting his native Iran during the tournament.

"One semifinal will feature the Netherlands and Italy and the other England and Brazil."

Hmmm...You know something!!!! Holland is the World Cup Champion 2006! I'm predicting it right now! It has to happen, I've waited all those years. It has gotta happen

Virtual India with ESX: Mass commoditization soon to reach critical mass?

I really don't think virtualization is for only nations and organizations that face problems due to escalating costs. So its not just for the US and Europe. We are past that phase. It's time to see virtualization as the shape of things to come.

I think a solid strategy and a very fast , effective, planned (in phases, does not need to be baby steps though,) will definitely attract our Indian couterparts to adopt it as a pretty regular thing to have. They need to get started as well. Its about time!

I will be adressing (and participating) in a congress here in the North of holland. Some key players will be participating as well. We also plan to invite VMware, MS , Xen folks. I agree partly with Hunter here...

Although the technology has already been widely adopted, users can still struggle with the idea of their physical server becoming virtualized, according to Jeff Hunter, a consultant and systems engineer with Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. in Columbus, Ohio.

“It’s easier to tak…

Virtualization on the digital highway...

A quick round up on the news from yesterday and today.

VMware Infrastructure 3 was released and was slashdotted too. Cool! So you know what my idea and vision on the future of Virtualization is and what VMware ought to be thinking (I'm sure the guys are).Make it a utility , so pervasive that you don't have to worry on the sales target anymore.Hook up to all collaborative options.Serve VMware virtualization ready Servers and desktops.Help companies really digg the idea of NOT outsourcing but by virtualizing stuff. After all when the tide is going to shift from globalization to localization, you don't wanna be left high and dryRide the tideSurf and anti-surf the tide

Sometimes a simple introduction always helps focus on the goals. While VirtualIron goes on to explore the clustering side of it. I always favor ideas of trying for free before buying.

More talk on VMware and MS's chess game. But this game is just like Google vs MS.

Here's the deal:

One le…

Anonymous huh?

Its rather naive to think that when you think that you go out on the web that you are anonymous. Well, you aren't! A good friend of mine volunteerd to be tested and I complied ;-)

Future of Virtualization: Letter from Diane Greene

A personal letter from Diane Greene! :-).

Diane is my hero for a lot of reasons (The fact that I talk about her vision on the company and the core geek group that she leads and how she leads!!! It already says enough of why we tend to talk virtualization and VMware in the same tone).

I had already applied to it but is always pleasing (if not flattering enough) to be asked personally to attend. (I know, I know. It's an automated electronic mail all set to be fired to all known fellas but I'd like to hold on to the idea that it was sent to me. It is that personalized message and word of mouth that has brought VMware to where it is today).

And where it is set to go is something most competitors can not possibly imagine. And talking about the future of virtualization (I've spoken about it at several occasions both on my podcasts here, here and here and on my blog on several occasions like this one

But like I said we aren't all mouth but all ears as well...

Act global locally: Localization VS Globalization

Looking at news like these (India reaps $23.6B in outsourcing revenue) makes me wonder what are we all doing (wrong) all this time?

Questions are (as usual) the triggers that need to be fired
So today call centers/back offices, tomorrow the whole operations?How to stop it all?What are we doing wrong all the time?Can we stop it?How will it affect our economy and socio-political status on the global arena?And lots more (If you aren't asking these questions, you better start asking them like RIGHT NOW!!!

More of this in a few minutes...

OK so time is a bitch and I don't have it ;-). So I went ahead and podcasted about it.

More questions, we know vitualization is going to be the market driver for the year 2006 and beyond and VMware is doing great work at it. How will it help us look more locally than globally.

Ok so listen on...