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Personalize Your Google Home Page!

I'm sure lot's of folks have already done this by now. It's not unique but I guess that's what makes it so nice. Anyone , just about anyone can personalize the google home page.

All you need to do is to type in and if you save it as your homepage then you can further personalize it.

check this out.

And you can further personalize it by adding more content on the left.

And as you can see just type in the subject of your interest, for instance I have typed in JDeveloper(my favorite Java IDE from Oracle) when it comes to playing with JSF(Java Server Faces) development. And as you can see you can get your feeds and add the best suitable to you.

Good thing is that Google Personalization saves me from clicking all over the place to follow news, favorite rss feeds,what's hot and what's not. So you just happens to collect everything at one place. You can keep changing your taste and all at one place.

What I still want out of this personalization is:

A Collection of Threnodies : Part 5

Hail Hail , The Aggressor
Usurpation is usurpation
let's dispense with the niceties
consummation is consummation
don't bother wiping the indelible stains

Wipe them tears
wipe them sweat stains
do away with that grimace
You bask in your refulgant glow

Ride the tide, Warrior
The space is widening
The walls are narrowing in
The waiting may be over

Hail Hail, King Aragorn
Your whims, oddities, quiddities
So strong, So irrefragable
I forgive them all

We're absorbed, you've soaked us
stateless yet orotund
rotund yet flaccid
We're the conquerors

A philomath in your own right
A major, given to discursive balderdash
A soldier inexplicably stolid
A scholar with an evil doppelganger

Lost us , Lost us
Found you, Found thee
So are we there yet?
Have we exploited the riches?

Effervescing in our vanity
intrepid as we stand on the edge
Conceal that (cupid) pusillanimous interior
under the metal armour
Hail Hail, The Aggresor.

JSP: attributes,listeners...

JSP: attributes,listeners,session,scripletlessness,EL and JSTL

We'll go along various ways of modifying our JSP's(storing the values in ArrayLists --we'll eventually we'll use Hibernate to try to store them in the databases preferably Oracle or mySQL ) .

We'll go on trying to replace our code from scriptlets, useBean:(which doesn't work with packages!,) and go on replacing it with EL(expression language) and then use JSTL. I've bought myself the myeclipse which has all the plugins you'll need to build any kind of application. Go and check it out yourself.

About Exams and taking exams:

What I am also attempting to do is follow the SCWCD track, check out all the links from (and also the SCJP track) both which the HEAD FIRST books are excellent if you want to learn the "right" way.

But hang tight while we start cooking...:-)

Google Earth Rocks!

Wow, I mean I was sitting and wanted to take a look at my parents house , the house where I grew up and lo! Here it was, right in the heart of India, in Noida. I zoom in to the the place where we played soccer in the Stadium and then here I zoom in further to my Mom/Dad's house.(Ok it's fuzzy and I don't want you to drop in at my parents place...LOL)

Amazing, isn't it? This is just the beginning to my dream which will be reality soon.(I hope in my lifetime), where we will all carry literally Mio like stuff all in one or a PSP(play station mobile) with everything in it and be able to closer to each other more than ever. And with live data! By then I would certainly have had devised way to travel through space with ts*.

I think I'll display more pictures when I'll talk about the "High Context, Low Context". Maybe I would be able to zoom in that bar in Dalian(China) where I sang Pearl Jam(half drunk :)).

Ok here is another pic of paranagua in Brazil where w…

A Simple MVC Application with Eclipse/JBoss

Coming up here , which I'll post in a couple of hours will be simple MVC baby application where I'll use /We'll need

o Eclipse ( make sure you get the 3.1 M4 for JBoss IDE/J2EE integration
o Get JBoss, get the 4.0.2. That'll do. For installation see Instructions
o We'll Install the JBoss IDE Plugin via the Eclipse Install Manager.
o XDoclet as well.(Not for now but for other test endeavors, but we can still install it)
o Well there are score's of cool plugins like Lucene(search engine), Hibernate(PersistanceManager) for Databases, but like I said we'll come to that later in the series. Remember our poor brain can only handle small things, so we go easy
o Last but not the least a working JDK, get JDK 5.0 from while you're at it. I would assume that you can configure it easily on your OS(be it windows/linux)

Eclipse Installation

You can have as many environments as you like. All you need to d…