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The Next VMware: Analyst lures market with a sweet story

If you are sitting in a strategy team within VMware or drawing huge loads of cash as fees drawing diagrams of where VMware should go next, then you'll find a lot of information here as well. You can refer to that material but be thankful if anything out of this blog inspired you to help VMware do its internal 2.0.

VMware has done something very hard, and indeed like my talk at ProFoss (download the slide here) in Belgium, it was all about being change ready. Operations think that someone else wants to hijack their systems, but do they even realize that they hold their own firm at ransom? I know, harsh words, but it's true.

I've always maintained, technology is not the challenge, human resistance is! Anyways Sranama is doing the Qualys guys some favor by giving them a hip intro at Forbes but in my opinion, the next VMware can be VMware itself! Or is she suggesting that Qualys is a buy and trying to lure some VC or a firm like Microsoft with a honey-coated story.

My real-time advice:

But trust me, going for big buys and hoping to reap big gains is passe! Go for smaller firms, and I know many who are entering this game and are looking for smaller rooms with smarter technologies to pack their high-density blades in shanghai who are much agile and fast. This is globalization people, at its very best. The trick is not in being and having the biggest and the fattest data center but on some dynamic 24x7x7 which breathes in and out as the world wakes up and sleeps, distributing workload across inexpensive commodity grids via continents.

They are sprouting as we speak, the the youngest second-mover has the 4th generation knowledge and equipment!

I'll still link you to her story, although it only gets your attention as far as the mention of VMware goes, the rest we all know. VCs are beginning to understand fine.

BTW: I'll be meeting several VCs as well in Cannes in the VMworld.


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