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Event: Pearl Jam in Arnhem , Gelredome 29th August 2006!

A colleague reminded me a work yesterday on the Rock Concert in Arnhem. "Rock Concert on the 29th in Arnhem" I shrieked! I had forgotten. I called all the guys and gals who wanted to go with me. Well people were too busy with their mundane existence.

I refuse to do it. I missed out the the PJ concert in Japan (in 95), Missed out here in 2000. "By God, I was not gonna miss out now" I told myself. I was running late but I drove like the wind and went alone. It was a real blast. Absolutely awe-freaking-some.

Ok Grohl, you're up next :-)

PS: Apparently this was the biggest they ever did in Holland.

Bullshit your way to create buzz and companies!

Well its Sunday and the world is still reeling in a lot of bullshit. According to Deepak Chopra, only 3% of the cash we talk about all the time is real money , the rest is, well... you get the point.

So what do you need to do to start your own firm? Well look here for a start. Pretty funny. Bullshit generator. A solid business plan to create a company and sell it to some giant!

Download Vyatta Virtual Appliance 1.0.1!

Cooking this one up was not much of a trouble. I have create the 55MB zip file. Download it OR on the VMware's Virtual Appliance site (browse for "Networking"!

Some information:
Created with VMware Server 1.0 (Tested on Workstation 5.5.2,5.5.1, VM player)256 MB RAM300 MB diskCreated on UbuntuUsername = root, Password = vyattaSee my other link to get on with the basic and advanced administration.

Blogger in Beta!

Coming up Cool Features like:
Labels (I really needed them)
Security (Make is available to a select crowd)
Drag-Drop Template Settings
and more

I already have setup my Beta Blogger for trial.

I just hope that when they're ready for migration, all my customizations don't get lost.(halo commenting, translations, search, to name a few)

Go do a beta run.

Monitor your VMware with veeam tools

Just got an email from Ratmir (CEO) of veeam. Check out the tools for VMware Server, Workstation (free for personal use). I was looking for a tool to monitor my workstation and this is cool indeed.

A screenshot of the monitor.

Do check out the downloads and try them.

There is also a scanner. I think for a SMB shop a typical VMware Server farm will indeed need a solid monitoring and scanning. And all that can be for a reasonable cost.

Download and test it. I am doing it right now.

And here a couple of screenshots of my Solaris 10 on VMware Server:

You can always pick up advanced options on networking, disk, cpu etc by selection more columns:

End of Wintel: Dell, Intel and Microsoft struggling?

Interesting article on the Wintel duopoly. Here things have changed, not like the way they were in the past.

Of course, two decades ago, no one knew how much damage Intel, Microsoft, or Dell would go on to do to the companies that then dominated tech. Fortune 100 stalwarts such as IBM, Xerox, Sperry, and Digital Equipment seemed to own the future. Intel, at No. 226 on the list, was a distant also-ran to mighty Texas Instruments. Microsoft would not be a public company for another year. Twenty-year-old Michael Dell had just dropped out of the University of Texas, Austin, to begin selling computers full-time.

And but the rules have changed. what has changed it all then?
Web enabled mobile applications and devices
Work away from home with thin appliancesVirtualization is making the physical aspect of it all (be it processors, disks, NICs, etc) disappear rapidlyInnovators (young and old: don't forget old disgruntled or just plain bored and ignored MS guys are doing a lot of work on Open S…

Hacking the iPAQ: Linux on iPAQ!

Ok so you can get all the information on (They are also participating in the Summer of Code by Google). Anyways I had Windows CE 2003 on it for a long time and honestly nothing could make me work on it. I just don't know why?. Anyways I wanted to hack my iPAQ and thought the cool looks of opie (Open Palmtop Integrated Environment) were, uh well, cool!

I'll lay out the steps soon enough. For the meanwhile check out the vid of my cool Opie!

My Next Computer : MAC Pro with Leopard (10.5)

With VMware's support coming up for MAC OSX its time for me to say good bye to the regular 32 bit and XP install. Sorry no more windows and all the woes. Sure we will run windows (as a VM) because my wife needs it. But maybe she too will be convinced with MAC. Hey, its stylish and women love style, don't they?

Anyways why Leopard? See for yourself!

See for yourself. This guy thinks that soon MAC will penetrate into the enterprize because it offers solid product with competitive prices! I agree totally!!!

And this would rock too, Leopard on MAC Pro or MAC Book Pro! A peek at MAC pro.

16GB RAM2 Tb Disks (4x 500Gb)Quad Core 64bit CPUFaster performanceMmm...mouth watering stuff this. Not convinced yet, take a tour yourself. I am convinced for sure.

Virtualization Open Poll : Monitoring the progress!

This seems to be going well. Keep voting guys. If you're done please ask others to vote as well. Click here to vote!


Vyatta Virtual Appliance: Open Source Router for a Virtualized Enterprize!

Open Source is emerging in the enterprize as the true leader. True leader because it truly addresses the needs of the user community. Its happening all around us. Not because I am keeping an eye to it but just that its getting embedded in all our activities, appliances and daily life. Look at the OLPC, it will have Wikipedia all setup to provide kids to get on to the "real and correct" source of information when looking for it. Keeping same things close to our heart we will do some investigation and play with this router.

I have the Virtual Appliance ready and have sent an e-mail to the Vyatta guys to see if they have any objections on it. I will test it on a VMware player, WKS and VMware Server. I will make it available here and also pass the link to the VMware Appliance directory.

In the meanwhile check out some screenshots...(It's all grub but you won't mind typing, would you)

Change boot options (press Shift and +/- to change order)

Vyatta loads, user/password = root…

WiMAX: The IT future is stolen by Africa and India!

Time for the underdog. The disadvantage is becoming the advantage. I read news and stories about how WiMAX is going to change the world. There are more WiMAX towers in Uganda (where we will be doing a 4 year project, I don't know if I'll be staying that long with my current employer) than in the Netherlands. Maybe I'll just go to India where Intel is soon going to be starting the WiMAX trials. Read the PDF from intel. Ok I know there will be issues but hey who said that the issues won't be here if we ever plan to phase out all the cables and other stuff here.

Is that the problem? No sir! The problem is the attitude and habits! Europeans and Americans may enjoy the fast internet and great working environment but this advantage is soon going to be putting their very own jobs and comfort zones in jeopardy. Does anyone know that the whole offshoring capital is estimated to reach 1 trillion dollars by 2020!


Yes you read it correctly! India is targeting…

VMware for MAC OSX support coming on August 7th!

Well if this is true then I'm gonna be a happy man. For a lot of reasons. The main reasons being...
I need a Mac OSX real bad and since I can't buy a true OSX box yet, I wanna taste it on VMware.
I need to run/test my Oracle 10g RAC on MAC OSX using VMware Server.Anyways, I am curious and excited!

An update:

Sign in for Beta NOW! Now doggammit Now! :-)

Here's a print screen:

It's like the fun never stops............................

Vyatta's Open Source Router: Alternative to Cisco?

This is pretty cool and bold too. Why would a small startup but still expanding firm go for typical things? Remember unconventional wisdom?

Anyways do check it out. Also check the Vyatta blog. I sure will on my VMware Server! Download it here. We'll boot it to our VM the minute I have it downloaded.

PS: Tomorrow I'll upload some more info on the Router. We'll create our Virtual Appliance as well.

VMware Server 1.0 on Fedora Core 5

This is plain and simple run on installing VMware Server 1.0 on my Fedora Core 5 dev box. Enjoy!

PS: OK now I better publish and restart my Firefox to update it to

[root@tarrydev ~]# uname -r
[root@tarrydev ~]# cd /tmp/

[root@tarrydev tmp]# cd vmware-server-distrib/

[root@tarrydev vmware-server-distrib]# ./
A previous installation of VMware software has been detected.

The previous installation was made by the tar installer (version 3).

Keeping the tar3 installer database format.

Uninstalling the tar installation of VMware Server.

xinetd: no process killed
Stopping VMware services:
Virtual machine monitor [ OK ]
Bridged networking on /dev/vmnet0 [ OK ]
DHCP server on /dev/vmnet1 [ OK ]
Host-only networking on /dev/vmnet1 [ OK ]
DHCP server on /dev/vmnet8 [ OK ]
NAT service on /dev/vmnet8 …

VMware : A hacker's delight! Security series coming up...

I'll be posting stuff on security and hacking from time to time. Well it'll be sort of "Security Series" on my path to get a bit prepared for a CEH/CISSP certification eventually. VMware happens to be (yet again) an excellent choice for learning hacking and practicing while wearing that grey and black hat!

This "Security Series" will include tools like:
Nessus (I just completed a little test on portscan/vulnerabilities)NMapGFILanguardEthereal
More tools and strategies (Sniffing, cracking, etc)
Also we will cover:
Wireless SecurityIM securityVoIP Securitymuch more

Why use VMware?

Well think of...
Network isolationOS isolation
Hardware consolidation
Whitehat Angel: Virus/Bugs testBlackhat Frenzy: Destroy machineSnapshots: Deface the VMs and build them again and bring them back to which ever stage you want to!
Multiple OSs (Windows, Linux, Solaris) and also test tools like Nessus on them.

Magazine compares ESX vs Virtual Server vs Virtuozzo

Wow. Both get a 8.2 score. Also I seriously doubt if he really did this, meaning really tested it. If yes, then I want some screenshots and a video on it!

Getting back to Virtual Server 2005, one of the biggest changes to R2 is x64 host support. This lets it run a crazy amount of virtual machines. With a four-way, dual-core x64 box holding an incredible 128GB of memory, I was able to easily run a dozen virtual machines with almost no disk activity.

and please also tell what you did on it. run a "notepad cluster"? Pretty shady this verdict.

Ah wait, I get it. "Its the Redmondmag, stupid"

And in another news Zonk (Is he the same Zonk from Slashdot?) writes up something at NewsForge for VMware server. Besides a couple of typos (VMWware et al), I am impressed that he did do some stress test. Read more here.

ESX 2.x vulnerabilities

Secunia points us out to these vulnerabilities

Corsaire has reported some vulnerabilities in VMware ESX Server, which can be exploited to gain knowledge of potentially sensitive information or conduct cross-site request forgery attacks.

1) When changing passwords using the management interface, the GET request containing the password in clear text is logged to a world-readable file.

2) The management interface uses a proprietary session ID format containing authentication credentials encoded in base64. If malicious people get hold of the session cookies, it's possible to gain knowledge of the user account and password.

3) The management interface allows users to perform certain actions via HTTP GET requests without performing any validity checks to verify the user's request. This can be exploited to change a user's password when user visits a malicious web site while logged in.

The same time , I already had an email from VMware releasing its update patch 3 for 2.5.3 and for 2.0…

Oracle may distribute Redhat?

Maybe as an Redhat Clone Oracle OS...

I think it (somehow) makes more sense to do that than just acquiring the Linux firm. We have spoken about it at large. Novell somehow also got sidelined when both Redhat and Oracle were kind of pissed. OK Redhat was "unsure" of Xen's maturity and Oracle was plain mad at the virtualization vendors. But it was remarkable that Novell was somehow left out. Oracle and Redhat have finally come to understand that they both need each other. And the fact that there are a lot of production systems running on RHEL, it makes all the more sense to cooporate in that arena.

He added that he believes that Oracle has the legal rights to distribute and support Red Hat Linux, as the CentOS project is already trying to do.

Hmmm..So its going to be more of an OS which looks like Redhat. I'm pretty curious what its going to be like. It may also mean that Oracle Labs already have a showcase Oracle OS.

Anyways read more here

Virtualization news roundup: Xen takes the heat!

OK so since Oracle is one of the key Open-Source players (whatever that means), it was losing its patience rapidly on the fact that VMware and Xen were not playing difficult. We all know that Oracle got its CFS bunged into the Linux 2.6 kernel. Maybe Larry Ellison might just acquire XenSource ;-) It would , by no means, be a bad move.

Kroah-Hartman, A Linux Kernel maintainer said:
Getting the two companies to talk to one another and work together has been requiring mediation by neutral parties, including people from the Linux distributions, the community and vendors, he said, adding that these mediators "are currently trying to kick them in the butt and get them to work together. So that solution is not coming anytime soon,"

Redhat will not have the unstable Xen Source in its distro.