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Salesforce writes up it's side of the story

Well it's pretty easy to blame your database vendor and assume that errors *just* occur on the system. When you say the cluster crashed, something DID go wrong!

The root cause of the intermittent access was a complex error in the database cluster that was not previously known to us or our database vendor. It surprised us because we had not made any changes to our system. The error just appeared.

and what steps are the folks taking?

s we previously announced to you, we are half way through the roll out of Mirrorforce, our new data center architecture. Contrary to some reports, the full deployment of Mirrorforce, which will happen in Q1, would not have prevented this problem. Mirrorforce is a standby, mirrored, replicated data center. If we lost the West Coast data center because of a major hardware failure, a natural or man-made disaster, or a terrorist attack, the new data center would automatically take over.

We are confident that once fully implemented, Mirrorforce will represent lo…'s Oracle Grid Database cluster crash!

This must have been a lot of sweating nights for the Salesforce folks, one of Oracle's customers!
But believe me , I know how things go.
Database is grid control, who wants a standby.10g is easy, who wants a backup dba. Well can we fire the dba too? Sysadmin's can do it, no?
Everything is on SAN, someone will restore it.Cluster crash? Never heard of it, funny the series that I'm writing (part V) which spoke about understanding your architecture and proactively work towards it's continuity.MTTR, what is that?MTTR, we have it set to 3 mins! (Hey have you ever tested it? Anywhere! Somewhere!)Backup restore, have you tested it?
Do you have a valid test environment?Do you have anything that looks like a test environment? Anything? Something?I know the management team there is looking hard for someone to blame. I just hope the poor sysadmin or dba isn't the only one who will take the heat! Management ought to stand up to take it's responsibility as well.

We need to under…

Running Windows Media Server 2003 on VMware!

A friend asked me to check out if there was a means of running our own Video Streaming.

My Answer was : Of course! And it'll cost you uh well...almost nothing!

I've just tested it at home. And it works like a charm and we're just talking about a simple VMware 5.5 Windows 2003 Server. Streaming goes fine and cool!

I'll upload the print screens tomorrow and write a small document to implement it for your ESX server, although this is pure for demonstration purposes on my VMware 5.5 test server.

After installation of Media Server

Test Streaming...

Check out the url mms:// and I invoking it via my Firefox I get a one time message.

And here streaming the Video via my (laptop)client PC at home, while my server [is in the garage ;-) ] streams it nicely with the unicast mode.

PS: I'll detail out more in the document which you can download sometime later...

Learn how to lure aspirants from Google!

I mean I can understand getting a neat company car is a nice trick. Giving marketing fella a laptop, a cool mobile and some other gizmo's is neat trick. (Actually it's a no-brainer, you're gonna slave with all those *perks*!).

Anyways looking at Google, it seems that they know (yet again) what really is attractive! Telling the new folks that We're really gonna have fun!

Yeah, fun!!!

Check this out...

Free cafeteria food, annual ski trips to the Sierra and free laundry are just some of the fringe benefits of working at Google. Getting hired is the trick.

Read more here.

Running Xen3.0 Demo CD in VMware Workstation!

Call me lazy but I'm still too scared (of my wife) to install a Linux Variant on the Laptop. Anyways so I go ahead and run the Demo CD.

From the Horse's mouth...

Industry leading open source hypervisor virtualization technology. Xen 3 provides features required for servers deployed in today's enterprise. Supports Intel VT, 32-way SMP, PAE, and 64 bit addressing.

So here are some shots at it.

Here you see Xentop tool with the commands such as Delay, Network, etc. Try them!

Here I type the command to start Centos4.1 XenOS

As you see the Xentop console seems the tarryxen!

Booting up...

Centos4.1 in VMware Centos4.1!

And this is Debian...

Will Oracle lighten up on the multicore licensing?

This is actually about time that the guys took a serious look at it. No wonder the base installations of MS shot up like mad this year and the release of Oracle XE might just catch up on the number spree, it Will not help anyone beleive that Oracle is installed in more shops that MS. And ofcourse there is MySQL as well.

Anyways Oracle is taking up the heat. read here.

Add Color to your Google Personalized Homepage!

It's time to let others (developers, I meant) also get their hands dirty. Get to the API's page. Check out a few widgets developed by the Google Staff

So, Go play!

Here some color on my Google Homepage!

Your own Search Engine?

Alexa is opening up it's precious code (which is also used by Amazon and Google Bots) to users at a very low price.

Anyways we can stand in awe and worship Google , the darling of the masses OR go ahead and do it yourself (and passionately).

I for one have applied for an account and will try to run in on my Website.

Virtually Virtualize your OS on the Web with VMware!

So what is Virtualization Service Architecture? Well something that will be the norm tomorrow. But seriously it is the architecture that we will use in the coming years when talking about starting with our company, a high profile project (be it migration, outsourcing, moving applications) or even plain and simple administration (admit it, no matter what you say about cutting costs you will be needing someone to watch your systems). The idea will be to start running your services almost right away and they could be physically located really far far away! Meaning for instance you want to start with a Social Networking Company (you know stuff like making one simple virtual or web office suite on the web , there are enough companies who are into this game already like Zimbra , 37Signals etc , check out this ZDnet blog for more on that) and you just don't want to go through regular hassles like hiring a place, hiring people, buying hardware, list is endless. So how do you do it? Well..…

Edubuntu for kids!

OK so we have tried Ubuntu already and want something for the kids. Say hello to Edubuntu now!

Download it here. I will try to put it up in my class of students and see what they'll like.

I'll add some prints later. But you can check out other screenshots here.

Well for starters, I like the terminal console on the updates installation.


This is a neat plugin! try it out. Get it here.