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FastScale ENHANCEs data center automation capabilities with NEW RELEASE OF FASTSCALE COMPOSER SUITE

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Santa Clara, Calif., February 20, 2008 – FastScaleÒ Technology, Inc., provider of next generation software virtualization and provisioning solutions, today announced the newest release of its flagship product, FastScale Composer™ Suite. FastScale Composer Suite is the first technology of its kind that fully automates the process of building, deploying and managing server software environments and delivers an end to end server software management solution for enterprise class data centers and Web farms. The latest release, FastScale Composer Suite 2.0, adds new capabilities and enhancements focused on scalability and configuration management of large, multi-thousand server installations.

FastScale Composer Suite completely automates the labor-intensive, error-prone task of building, streamlining and managing server software environments throughout the lifecycle. With FastScale Composer Suite, software environments average 99% smaller than traditional golden images, are built on-demand and deployed to bare-metal servers in seconds – from start to finish in less than one minute. Combining flexible, rules-based mapping and automatic patch and configuration management, FastScale Composer is the only software management solution that fully eliminates the labor intensive process of building golden images and the time-consuming process of managing them over time.

"Today's virtualization technologies help us scale our infrastructure and optimize our hardware investments," said Ivan Perez, vice president of IT for Extron Electronics. "FastScale further increases our server utilization and drives down costs with the resulting small memory footprint and dynamic provisioning capabilities. We are able to automatically create, deploy and manage compact software stacks on-demand, while managing all of our infrastructure from a single point. FastScale is an ideal solution for managing physical as well as virtual servers. It's about doing more with less...faster."

New features in FastScale Composer Suite 2.0 include:

  • Increased scalability – improving user interface (UI) performance in multi-thousand server environments including a redesigned UI for easier management of large deployments, and easier navigation of complex software configurations.
  • Enhanced configuration management – streamlining configuration settings for improved ease of use; fine grained configuration control throughout the software lifecycle; expanded options and control over patch policies; flexible rules-based management of external file systems and storage; enhanced control and management of networking interfaces; and, the ability for users to view the impact of rules-based configuration settings before servers are deployed or anytime during the software lifecycle.
  • Expanded reporting – delivering broader operational reports for quick administration updates; easy access to granular software environment data; and, new compare functions for administration of complex software configurations.
  • Increased platform support –supporting Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and VMwareÒ ESX Server 3.5.

“End to end automation has always been our goal with FastScale Composer Suite. Our innovative technology, first introduced last April, is now being deployed in very large IT environments, and this new release is specifically engineered to support the performance, configuration and usability requirements of these customers,” said Lynn LeBlanc, CEO of FastScale. “The enhancements in FastScale Composer Suite 2.0 are key to ensuring a robust software virtualization and provisioning solution and complete automation of the software infrastructure – whether our customers are managing 200 servers or 5000 or more.”

FastScale Composer Suite 2.0 is available now. Pricing starts at $30,000. For more information, contact or visit

About FastScale Composer Suite

FastScale Composer Suite is an entirely new approach to managing software environments. Only with FastScale Composer is server software automatically streamlined by an average of 99%, built on-demand and then provisioned to bare metal servers in seconds. Because FastScale software environments are so compact, the entire server infrastructure is a dynamic pool of compute resources, able to run any application at any time. FastScale Composer Suite is an elegant, scalable solution that reduces systems administration by 75% or more and enables overall server utilization to above 90%.


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