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A Collection of Threnodies : Part 1

Whale Fall

Dress me up in my new threads
clasp my greasy palms
grease my hair
I'm ready for the fall

Watch at all the decadence
watching the avalanche
I'm slipping down
losing my buoyancy

What's become of us
where have we come
this far, this close
close to the doors

I hear them, sublimal chants
I'm on the run
I race through the human sea
I am the king!

I'm the slave
to my own undoings
I'm the jester in my courtyard
We jest as we run

We're strolling on that thin rope
we grope as we rope
we're true heros
we're the survivors

we're the scavengers
we're the friends
we're the lovers
we're the unbred

Soon awaiting the fall
we're lurking on us
we're osedaxing us
we're soon going to be done
we'll soon be arrested

*osedax(bone devourer, newly discovered marine genus) feeds on a fallen(sunken) whale carcass(which is also called a whale fall). Read more here

Wrapping your 54G Wi-Fi card for Linux Desktop

Ok so situation is something like this.(you can translate it to your situation to validate and justify your reasons to go wireless on a linux machine, I'll leave that to you). Your wife and kids want XP windows but you were made for Linux or vice versa. You just install a wireless network at home or if your employer/organization is considering experimenting to have dual boot workstations/laptops for employees , so they can boot on the operating system of their choice or are required to boot to a typical operating system.(linux i.e) as a thin client(say) in order to work on a payroll program for which all they need is a rolled out (customized OS) with linux on it(cos it's cheaper and there is no need to buy a XP machine with 1G ram just because the end user thinks it's his "birth right"! or the heavy classical windows application which is doing all calculations on the client PC ).

Well like I said what ever the reason, it's a compelling choice to go for a linux…

Our frozen chi's and the Workfloor

I left home when I was 20. I had studied Physics(Major) and had no idea what to do next. I took to the seas, I think looking back it was more like a refuge, an asylum. Seeking to get away from all that peer pressure, myself and what not.

1991 June 7, around midnight I arrive in Lagos, Nigeria. Company agent ships me to the nearby hotel to wait for my first “boat”. That's the first time in my life I saw a lot of people , a race totally different from ours. I was warned to be careful, protect my wallet, but they came across as just about any other regular folk. That was my “first encounter”.

Funny, since then I have worked with all kinds of nationalities (Japanese, Chinese, Malaysians, Indonesians, Dutch, Scandinavians, Thai, Americans, Spanish, Argentinians,..I can go on and on). What I have learned in all that is that we are all so much alike. But on board a ship it is “really” different. Your job is crucial and you must work together. That makes you accept each other realistically …