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Working out the right way!

I did start working out(Oct 2005) and naturally my biceps begin to grow up and I have attempted to cross the 100kg/220lbs barrier on the bench press.And I am really back on track! Right?


Ok why then?

Here's my routine.

Mondays/Wednesdays : Bench Press/Legs Days/Abs
  • Warm up legs, bench (15 odd minutes max--I am eager to get started so I can barely wait)
  • Squats (Quads:60-70-80-85 KGs) : 5 Sets
  • Bench Presses(Pectorals:70-80-85-90-95): 5 Sets
  • Dips (lower pectorals- body weight + 12-14 KG dumbbell trapped between ankles): 6 Sets
  • Inclined Bench Presses (for upper pectorals: 60-65-70): 5 Sets
  • Some variation of Presses (Barbell: Military OR Dumbbell Presses) : Variations as they could be inclined, Sitting straight up or any other type.
  • Stomach
So all this time I get started by the back is so stiff and all I was realizing was that the work out where I need to be really warmed up was not at all up to par. It was tiring and my back was aching.

So I've decided to start with the ABS (Stomach) workout. Well we all want to have a good body and a well defined abs is something you can't miss out on. Doing a quickie abs because "it's part of my routine" doesn't help at all. I barely do a good abs work out as it's flat isn't it? No, it's lot more than that, my back needs to warm up.

From now I'll put Abs first on the list. A serious work out for washboard abs and the right way to start with daily workout!

I still have a long way to go but I'm glad that I did this check so I can start with the essential muscle groups. Well back and stomach support your upper and lower body! What more convincing do I need?


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