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Gaim'ing with AOL, MSN, Yahoo, GoogleTalk, Jabber and more!

I'm sure you've heard of it and if you haven't then I'm sure you followed news on the web about the ruckus where Google did hastily *acquire* the Gaim top notch developer into their team.

After all why? Well if you did not get it yet. Go to your kids room and see how many contacts they have on their MSN messenger, Yahoo, AOL, Googletalk and more. Developers already do have a chat module for Jabber built in. I have one (plugin) on my IntelliJIDEA Java IDE. How and to what amazing great lengths the business world can benefit from this phenomenon is yet to be seen. But like I said, I'll dedicate my articles (Our "future of IT Series") where we'll ponder about a lot of things. Ubicomp ("Ubiquitous Computing") to what we now are calling "Pervasive Computing". We'll just cut lose and break away with our visions.

Well to say the least Google knows very well that indeed the network IS the computer. It has been that all along. And no matter what the market may fret about the Wonder Boys running out of gas soon. Selling their shares. I know Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL would secretly wish that the guys would just go back to their basement where they came from. Well some of them could keep it under and had to resort to chair bashing. But I really don't think that is going to happen fellas. Anyways lets get back to the why.

WHY? Well it's almost a no-brainer that the younger generation is shaping the world the way they want it. Meaning lots of chat and Instant messaging. Look at SMS, they could talk on phone at great lengths but still they prefer to talk/chat/SMS and are rather
  • Laconically Adept: Short and concise messages
  • Multitalkers: Talk to a lot of people in the same time
  • Effectively Emote: Emotions within context (And god you know that there is no end to rants if you're talking to the same person face to face)
Just to name a few, OK I'll keep this short. I know when you're in a mood to listen to my "Redhot IT Series", you'll have patience to read through the rest of the article. This one we'll keep to introduce you to Gaim.

Look for yourself here...

This is GAIM 1.5

Adding Googletalk to Gaim

Keep screenname without, server =, click on advance properties and edit talk server = That's it, you're done!

Check the online button to connect to the server.


All my MSN, GoogleTalk and Yahoo Buddies (online buddies) are here.

And you talk to all of them in a single window.

Your questions are obvious:
  1. So what is GAIM and which platforms can I run it on?
  2. Can I get more themes?
Well on more FAQ's and otherwise just go here for all information on Gaim.

Gaim Beta2.x

Here's some more prints on the beta product. I'm liking it already.

Neat interface

Add/Configure plugins right away!

And nice plugins these...



Well we're getting connected more than ever. And who knows IM will be a standard someday. It's getting a lot of attention from the business community as they are finally *getting* it. They can finally get to talk to their people, even when they were geographically seperated. They are finally seeing the power of every individual personality. And are willing to give them the space they need to grow and chisel those uncut diamonds.


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