Monday, January 16, 2006

Burn Burn Burn

Combust or go bust!
I, I, I breathe myself...
I'm burning , low flame, low flame
I'm burning, blue flame, blue flame

Perpendicularly correct
Flame is all I got,
Frozen in my wrath
Vesuvium hisses within

Race towards the colors
the light shines and absorbs
Black body me, Black body me
I contain, I retain

I found my den
I'm mine like you
I needed to know
Divinity in dilapidation, So divine...

Rearranged, I'm back in black
resurrected, I hurt enough already
Wronged once,I stand corrected
Chase me as I breathe fire...

Slapping across both cheeks
Fiery winds wake me,
Fiery winds take me,
take me, take me

Shooting pain, so phallic
I'll bleed, I'll retch
I need and I fetch
whatever it takes, I'll take

Shamed once, I am seduced by me
I've burned for ages
I'll continue to burn
burn, burn, burn...
(waiting till you come around)

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