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What to Blog and What Not To Blog?

I go through variety of blogs all the time. They all come in different shapes, styles, colors. Well it seems like every individual is (kinda) finally coming out of a closet to the WWW and telling his/her (sometimes gory) experiences to everyone out there.

OK I somehow feel that there are certain guidelines you need to follow to stay attractive, exciting and yet be able to tell something which people will find interesting. This is my top ....(I don't have a number like "top 10!") list of do's and do not's.(Or putting it more precisely, these are the things I prefer to see when I read other blogs and when blogging myself)

o Don't post pictures of your backyard!

Ok if you do, don't push it too much. I don't think people are waiting (with a measuring tape) to measure the amount of ground you own. And here when I said backyard, I meant your personal life is your business, please for heavens sake let's keep it that way.

o Criticism is one thing, but don't bitch!

Lot's of folks and I mean among them were also some cool guys who wrote great books finally came out of their closets opening blogs and bitching at fellow authors. There goes your reputation. Don't go out of line and out of context. It's your reputation that may be on line.

o Stick to the matter

Some of the folks want to try their hand at things they haven't got a clue. Please stick to the things you're good at and leave other (cool stuff where you fare poorly) to others who are good at it.

o If you run out of gas, take a break

Blogging is your thing, ok it's a cool thing that some fun blogdollars are soaring in the blogshares and the hits are rising like a tsunami, but you're not obliged to keep talking crap if you run out of gas. Take a break. Your blog isn't going anywhere.

o Share some unique experiences/thoughts, people love new things

Well it could be unique problems, unique screwups. Something different. Just something exciting. When I say unique, it could just be something all of us just kept staring at like bozo's till someone amongst us saw it differently. People get bored quickly and are smart enough to see through the deceptive shiny exterior.

o Try to keep the post short, show some pictures/graphics/screen shots instead!

I know it's hard but sometimes a single picture/graphic (actually most of the times) can effectively replace thousands of lines of prolix verbiage. And let's face it, your brain reacts better to pictures and that registers quickly. If that wasn't true, there wouldn't be all that porn on the net. Actually that's something we can learn from the porn industry but I guess when (online) vlogging is mature enough, it'll certainly help us all get to know each other even better.

o Be Friendly and Respond to the comments

I see some bloggers are on a real high writing amazing stuff and others go a step further and also respond to the comments. I don't mean that the "I'm high" blogger is being rude by not replying. It's just that saying thank you would help reaffirm that contact with your regular visitors which was established when he/she came to your blog. A two-way traffic is lot more fun.

Well those were my few do's and don'ts on blogging and sure it's your blog, your little pink diary and don't let my guidelines confuse you.


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