Monday, June 27, 2005

Mankind Mankind, I celebrate you!

This is in honor of all mankind

mankind mankind, I celebrate you
You want to kiss the sun
I want to kiss you
love you,hug you, hold you

mankind mankind, I would take you
I would wake you, shake you
I would help you stand tall
I would honor you, like you honor me

mankind mankind, I'd forgive you
I would walk with you, hand in hand
I talk with you, like I never did
I would listen to you, soothe you

mankind mankind, I would enjoy you
I'd rejoice in you, I'd return to you
I would come back to you, for you
I would stand by you, for you

mankind mankind, I would fly for you
die for you, never give up on you
I'd stay alive for you, I'd lie for you
I would never die on you

mankind mankind, I reveal myself to you
I open my eyes for you
I'd walk that extra mile for you
I'd walk a while for you

mankind mankind, I'd walk through fire for you
breathe the cold steely blue fire for you
I'd always revel in the thought of you
I celebrate you, my Mankind.

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