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A Collection of Threnodies : Part 3

Black Galactic Seas

The sails are set,
The flares are blazing,
the yellow wind is on the stern
Stations, fore and aft!

The captain orders "full ahead!"
We're at the speed of thought*
We're in that telepathic tunnel
The sea is dark and cluttered

The solar winds are thrusting us ahead
We're off to the land of the freed
Seas are mixed, bermuda's all around
We're rocking ahead(oh yeah), we're yawing

The Islands pass us by, them dead rocks!
The abysmal depths deepen further
as well change shifts, I smile wryly
I'm going back, I'm gonna be home.

The colors are in perfect unison
The Neptune rise is a real treat
The path is treacherous, elliptical
I smell the galactic salt in my nostrils

Raging storms near event horizon
seeking to kispum** with the departed
Mothers push the younger ones away
Soon to be united with the loved ones

As we approach the milky river
A pilot boads to help us get through
We watch the flared buoys on either sides
We spot dolphins resurfacing from durance vile

The pilot tells us of tales
Tales we listen to, jaws dropped in awe
I shed my fears as I take to the mast
It's a helluva view from up here

To be continued...(As is every journey)

* I strongly believe that speed of thought(we'll call it 'ts' = thought speed from now on) is going to effectively and eventually deliver us with means to commute, something which Einstein actually wanted as well.

** Kispum is ritual of feasting with the dead ancestors and seeking blessings from them.


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