Thursday, June 02, 2005

A Collection of Threnodies: Part 2

Suiphilomaniacal Me!


I'm on the edge of loving me
I'm on the verge on falling in love
I'm given to me
Adulation coated like gum on me

Wanting you to want me
wanting me want you want me
I'm in trance, I'm dissolved
I'm floored, I'm absolved

I'm the furnace, the charred cauldron
I'm the supernova, the solar flare
I'm that burning star, that rock
I'm gleeful, I race with the gods!

I'm gunning to go, from here to here
I displace myself, I misplace myself
I'm the shrewd, the sage, the enraged
I'd do you, just because I've (once) loved you

Perspicacious me, I gloat at thee
King acute,I'm the techno alighieri
Ok so I've sinned, haven't you?
Ok so I ducked, so should you

I've loose ends I forgot to tie up
You've got ends I could make help meet
I'm in the wilderness,dilapidation...
my ruins are my treasures for keeps

Watch me, watch me
watching you watching me watch you
So is the sky deep enough to fall into?
let's ungravitate, let's fall out

Hear me, Hear me
Hearing you hear me hear you
It sure is gonna be a while
till I fall in love with me(all over again)

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