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A Collection of Threnodies : Part 4

The Fallen Angel

I need a reason
I need a resignation
I need a designation
I am in need, needy me!

Hands soiled, soul ripped
mind in turmoil, I'm hurting
I seem to float above
yet i'm the downtrodden

I've seen carnage
I've seen glory
I've met death
I've met the gory

I hung on the cross
I hang in thin air
I hang again
and again and again

I've risen from the fall
I'm waiting for my wagon
That'll help me commute
out of here at thought speed

I'm unmarked like a bullet ridden bill
I've marked myself so I won't be missed
I've swallowed pride time and again
I've fought and I've won

Rarest breed this
I've struggled for eons
You're my power, my tower
Help me out of this gelatinous nebulae

Let's go there, let's make a new ball
Let's try again, let's, oh please let's
Let's see the magical rivers flow
Let's hang the forbidden fruits way up there

I'm the warrior who bled for thee
I've watched the magnetic winds
engulfing the very brave
I've had my fill, I'm done here

The unworthy and worthy alike
ride the battleship ,escaping the sphere
I crouch in the corner,tend to my wounds
The (guardian) Angel that I am.


  1. one of my favorite bands of all time. "Art Rock" from the '70's, they still put out good stuff IMO. If one is into that sort of thing.

    Why can't blogs display long links correctly? Am I missing something obvious?

  2. joel: you are only missing one thing -

    (Thanks to Tom Kyte for that one)

    Makes it impossible to tell what the link is for, but gets the job done. I've seen links that caused me to scroll a mile to the right - hate 'em, you'd think the blog software would just wrap it.....

  3. does not work for me from certain ISPs (works fine from home). I get some domain login window I don't know where it comes from.

  4. Funny I have the same trouble from work. Not from home. Just from my workstation which hangs in a domain.

  5. Well, I finally figured out the obvious thing I missed is that I can use the a tag. D'Oh! I've only been manually putting together HTML since the last century.

    As far as tinyurl, I'm pretty sure that is some sort of firewall/proxy/nannyware issue, but I sure don't want to upset any busy IS department by actually asking about it, unless I can figure out how to ask it in terms of a Standby db networking issue or something. Or give them the answer when I ask about it.


  6. I need a reason
    I need a resignation
    I need a designation
    I am in need, needy me!

    I need a good open source performance monitor.

  7. I told you Jeff. You could do it! :)


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