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Life'd For Life

I am , I am
crimson blue, reddish blue
We are, We are
and I don't have a clue

Happened one day, someday
to you, to me, from you
Meteoric event, so calm
embedded deep in blue

Hear my gurgled laugh
muffled yet breathing
Screams passing through
shooting pain in my thigh

Reminders they are,
remind me, remind me again
My skin, my fusion crust
they ache with sweet pain

man of god
man of science
man of you
man of the world
man to you
man that sinned
man that I was
man that I am

walk this earth
serpentine my path
cutting like razor
edging against wrath

racing against gravity
my wagon resists
fighting the voices
my song persists

my inner frenzy
my song, my song
my restless soul
rested when in upheaval

your pulchritude
your idiosyncrasies
I will manage you
manage me, will you

man to child
man forever
man to myself
manned by man
man(oeuvre) me
man of the great skies
man , the existentialist
man , I happen to be

winds billowing in my head
shredding my eardrums
sound garden, not this
precious madness this

echoes in the cerebra
resurrection time has come
time to rebuild
mend my follies

hanging my head
shamed by me
shrugged, coiled inwards
torn like tattered rags

I'm your highway
the road you hangout
I'm the roadway
I'm your checkpoint

I'm the lantern
I burn my heart out
I shed my skins
I wait for no man

man as I was
man as I have become
man as rising stars
man, who kisses the sun
man to destroy
man, so will self destruct
man, so save me
man, so rescue me (from me)

rain drops burning my skin
blood dries up, I seethe
breathing black fires
wheezing, I move side to side

soul of mine, so usurpable
so pure, yet incalculable
so innocent, so unfitting
so much at home, so much alien

my vehicle arrives
hushed voices pointing to me
I washed the blood (off my hands)
I bled, I swear, I bled

the dragons breathe
the purple peach trees
red winds seeking the escape
am I where I think I am?

man, I walk my ruins
man sought by hell
man wishing heavens
man in white skies
man of men
man to angels
man, an angel on earth
man of a torn world

I gaze at my very own
I scrutinize my anatomy
I waste away
I taste away

Become my pain
sweetheart, lets hurt
I have my demons
You have yours

Absolution, we seek
Answers are unquestioned
Questions got detoxed
Arithmetic is all we need

Do please understand
We all belong to this ship
O Captain, don't slay us
We will slave, Master

man, slave of man
man, the beast
man, the devourer
man, the slayer
man, the pride
man, the warrior
man, the treacherous
man,the master of man

rainbow across my face
colors shooting like obtuse nebulae
entwined yet free from bondages
dark seas, all flowing thru me

we travelled the earth
we brought life
we took life
we have lived

we are livid (today)
we have no escape
trapped in our own walls
savage is tamed

I am , I am
I am who I am
I am , I am
I'm you.

PS: I think I have written longer ones. So I'm not really sure if this was the longest.


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