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Hang on to VMware!

I kind of feel that its unfair to compare VMware with Microsoft. And I'm not being sarcastic here. VMware has a enterprise class product and Microsoft has things like Vista, Office, Web on their minds and hands. Sure a take over of connectix may have risen some hopes of some of the geeks in Microsoft that "OK finally we get to play with some cool technologies". Sure a lot of really smart folks are into the Server Technologies there. But the problem is that they have too many fishes to fry. And Virtualization is VMware's fish. A 800 pound fish! And that's why its no surprise to me that people stick to their product. These guys are pretty hard working folks and by god, I know that these guys live and eat their product all the time. A great place to be!

I am not going to get into the nitty-gritty of why Microsoft is into its locked down proprietary mode. Although I do hope someday some free thinking CEO will set a lot of things free there. So these guys getting together and talking about Microsoft while VMware is painted all over their data centers is kind of "not giving the real contenders" a mention at all.

Nevertheless, said Wolf, a large number of IT shops are investigating Microsoft's offering. "They are buying in to the future that Microsoft is promising."

This a lot of shops need to be careful about. Ask yourself and also next time the guy who will sell you the promise the following questions:

  • Can you do an installation of some software and test it for us?
  • Tell us more about your own personal experience with it?
  • Lets do a quick demo and see what you mean.
  • Lets do some benchmarks.
  • How long have you been with Microsoft yourself?
  • And how long do you plan to stay with us on this road to wonderland?

VMware is on top of the list for many reasons. I can only imagine but I'm sure the guys who work for it know that:
are prevalent top to down to top. By the way, this got slashdotted (again!)


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