Friday, July 29, 2005

A Collection of Threnodies : Part 5

Hail Hail , The Aggressor
Usurpation is usurpation
let's dispense with the niceties
consummation is consummation
don't bother wiping the indelible stains

Wipe them tears
wipe them sweat stains
do away with that grimace
You bask in your refulgant glow

Ride the tide, Warrior
The space is widening
The walls are narrowing in
The waiting may be over

Hail Hail, King Aragorn
Your whims, oddities, quiddities
So strong, So irrefragable
I forgive them all

We're absorbed, you've soaked us
stateless yet orotund
rotund yet flaccid
We're the conquerors

A philomath in your own right
A major, given to discursive balderdash
A soldier inexplicably stolid
A scholar with an evil doppelganger

Lost us , Lost us
Found you, Found thee
So are we there yet?
Have we exploited the riches?

Effervescing in our vanity
intrepid as we stand on the edge
Conceal that (cupid) pusillanimous interior
under the metal armour
Hail Hail, The Aggresor.

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