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A Simple MVC Application with Eclipse/JBoss

Coming up here , which I'll post in a couple of hours will be simple MVC baby application where I'll use /We'll need

o Eclipse ( make sure you get the 3.1 M4 for JBoss IDE/J2EE integration
o Get JBoss, get the 4.0.2. That'll do. For installation see Instructions
o We'll Install the JBoss IDE Plugin via the Eclipse Install Manager.
o XDoclet as well.(Not for now but for other test endeavors, but we can still install it)
o Well there are score's of cool plugins like Lucene(search engine), Hibernate(PersistanceManager) for Databases, but like I said we'll come to that later in the series. Remember our poor brain can only handle small things, so we go easy
o Last but not the least a working JDK, get JDK 5.0 from while you're at it. I would assume that you can configure it easily on your OS(be it windows/linux)

Eclipse Installation

You can have as many environments as you like. All you need to do is unzip the file into your directory. And you're(we'll almost done!) . I have for instance several homes, currently Eclipse 3.1 Final release and for now the M(Milestone)4 for the JBoss IDE integration.

Assuming that you're done installing and configuring your eclipse environment, which is nothing!(phrrrrew, the brain wheezes :))

We can get on with the installation of the JBoss IDE plugin and as well as XDoclet plugin installation, again no sweat here as you'll notice soon.

JBoss IDE /XDoclet Installation
If you've got no patience and your brain is already gunning to go ,then see this for JBoss IDE installation via the eclipse plugin, but if your brain is aching like mine read on...;-)

Follow the prints to install the JBoss IDE

Well uploading pictures sucked bigtime(tried flickr,picasa,Hello, all had limitations and remember my poor brains has it's lobes full with Java) so I posted them on my own "Singapore" gallery.

Starting the JBoss 4.0.2 AS
*(This is fully J2EE compliant server, and not like the Tomcat Server which acts as a container(although it also has capabilities to function as a reasonably good app server)

o Again simple, unzip it into say /usr/java/jboss-4.0.2 or D:\java\jboss-4.0.2
o Have your bash profile/env variables set up properly
o And then you can either start the app. server via cmd line or via the eclipse. All you need is to invoke the /bin/ or \bin\run.bat

Ok then we're all set and have our IDE kinda of ready to dish out a simple MVC J2EE application.


  1. well I'll post my own comment here:

    If installing Jboss on a windows box make sure that you don't put it under "program files" ..path with spaces in between will make it throw exceptions such as
    "main class not found and what not!"

    Answer is simple just put it in a folder(s) which don't have spaces in their names.:-)


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