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Google Earth Rocks!

Wow, I mean I was sitting and wanted to take a look at my parents house , the house where I grew up and lo! Here it was, right in the heart of India, in Noida. I zoom in to the the place where we played soccer in the Stadium and then here I zoom in further to my Mom/Dad's house.(Ok it's fuzzy and I don't want you to drop in at my parents place...LOL)

Amazing, isn't it? This is just the beginning to my dream which will be reality soon.(I hope in my lifetime), where we will all carry literally Mio like stuff all in one or a PSP(play station mobile) with everything in it and be able to closer to each other more than ever. And with live data! By then I would certainly have had devised way to travel through space with ts*.

I think I'll display more pictures when I'll talk about the "High Context, Low Context". Maybe I would be able to zoom in that bar in Dalian(China) where I sang Pearl Jam(half drunk :)).

Ok here is another pic of paranagua in Brazil where we delivered gas regularly when I worked for Maersk back in 97/98.(A contract with Petrobras). And oh, how can I forget my Bullet Island(Puerto Rico) , pity that my dream port, mayagueez was clouded(hope they'll update the imagery).

And on a GoogleEarthPro trial version with 3D and other stuff. Here's Chicago with 3D buildings.

*ts = thought speed


  1. Where is Sector21 ? Is it near Atta market or near NEPZ ?

  2. amar,
    I't near ATTA market.
    I called my mom last and heard that the whole place has changed.lot's of malls and the works. Gee...If I get some time then I'll problably plan a trip this year Oct.

    PS: I saw your new blog look(modblog), it's rather neat.

  3. If you have been away for long then you are in for real surprise. Delhi and its NCR can be called city of malls. Every other builder is into this goldmine. In GURGAON DLF is going to build the biggest mall in the world stretched over 4 million sq feet.

  4. PS: I saw your new blog look(modblog), it's rather neat.

    Yes I'm really happy with it, spent last night tweaking it :)

  5. Wow, the gurgaon thing is yottacool!!

    I guess my kids/grand kids can plan moving back and building the "bharat" that it was centuries ago.


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