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Virtual India with ESX: Mass commoditization soon to reach critical mass?

I really don't think virtualization is for only nations and organizations that face problems due to escalating costs. So its not just for the US and Europe. We are past that phase. It's time to see virtualization as the shape of things to come.

I think a solid strategy and a very fast , effective, planned (in phases, does not need to be baby steps though,) will definitely attract our Indian couterparts to adopt it as a pretty regular thing to have. They need to get started as well. Its about time!

I will be adressing (and participating) in a congress here in the North of holland. Some key players will be participating as well. We also plan to invite VMware, MS , Xen folks. I agree partly with Hunter here...

Although the technology has already been widely adopted, users can still struggle with the idea of their physical server becoming virtualized, according to Jeff Hunter, a consultant and systems engineer with Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. in Columbus, Ohio.

“It’s easier to take baby steps and get started,” he said Monday. “People don’t always get it. It takes time to grasp the concept.” Hunter was speaking during an event to launch virtualization software vendor VMware Inc.’s VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3) suite in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

No one likes the idea. A sysadmin or a manager might feel that he's losing his grip on his Servers or staff (Yes, someday you won't have any staff anymore. Your employees too will become virtual , pretty soon!) Fears are understood. But that does not stop it from happenning. Adressing the typical (or even mixed audience) with the stuff that it will feed on and truly understand is the key to a succesful and effective consultancy.

More later...


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