Sunday, February 12, 2006

Rocking back the threnodies: Resignation

She sang tunes
She sings them again
I'm dismayed, yet I have hope
I sing along, I can't catch on

I'm wrenched out
My outsides are in
My insides spewing outwards
I collide with my shadow

Back and forth
I'm curling in
Tamper with me
with that last song

One last song that
That last song
and it was time for departure
I'm moving back in

I'm gonna set my own stage
I'm moving out of here
I'm walking that rope
I'm stepping away

Feelings that I feel most
Freaking my brains out
Don't want your song
Because I'm on a new high

Willingly got myself told
told them lies
got them sung it out to me
On and on and on...

I am gonna unwaste myself
walk through that door
Get on with that process
Fat lady, Here I am

I'm distraught
I'm off track
One day I'll meet you
One day I'll meet you (right back here)

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