Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Redhot Future Of IT Part 2 :Virtualized Workplaces

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So what is a virtualized workplace? Does it mean it does not exist? That it's virtual? Well in a certain way YES. This is where the future of our workplace is going to be. Well it is already a reality in some countries.

OK lets start by asking ourselves these questions:

  • Do you really bond with your colleagues? (think Team cohesiveness)
  • Do you spend great amount of hours talking about great things that you will do together? (think collaboration)
  • Do you really feel that you give 100% at work? (think effectiveness)
  • What do you really miss at your desk? (think personalization)
  • Is your desk comfortable enough? (Again think optimizing personalization, OK you have done your best to make it your place)
  • Does it really matter to your employer that you are there for him/her? (think commitment)
  • Or do you get micromanaged over petty issues? (think mismanagement)
  • Do you see your employees performing well? (think management)
  • Do you see projects dying before reaching/meeting deadlines? (Well studies show 70% projects are doomed because of various factors and the most important is effective razor sharp project teams or the lack thereof)
  • Are you dying to get into some hot shot projects but can't blow off your steam (think untapped potential)
Let's just leave the questions as they are and try to see why this need to work from home is suddenly getting attention from the business world.

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