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My Google Wishlist!

Well as the world watches in awe, Google is whacking the big baddies left and right. But I think Google can and should penetrate in lot more areas. I have a wishlist and I'd like to see Google working it's way into other sphere's of our lives. So here's my list...

o Google Travel : I think the travel industry can benefit from more *honest and trustworthy* services. Well lets put it more simply, it'll give you the correct information. So you'll book your flights via
Google, you'll fly with Google air and your destination , be it for pleasure or business will be taken care by Google.

o Google Vacations : Ok here you'll book your vacations via Google, you'll be able to look down to the very hotel, camping, bungalow or villa using Google Earth. It will all be real and correct information.

o Google Education for Universities and High Schools : I think the education world is in dire straits. Why? Education suites come and education suites go. What we really need is a portal, look at Google Personalized Homepage. Written in AJAX and highly configurable. Students can just login and start playing.

o Google Wi-Fi : Well this has already been talk about in many circles. See here for an article. Well in Europe it's begin to shake some things around , for instance this move by T-Mobile
What I'd really want is that Google comes to Europe and just whacks the knickers of all the little good-for-nothing companies who lack vision and only see money. Just come in and KILL the competition!

o Google Internet : Free internet and all via the electric grid. Read here. It's a new emerging market and Google should just move in and kill all ISP's and the competition!

Well there are more things that I'm sure Google is capable of but we'll get to that. Very important is to find a serious alternative to Oil and Energy. But like I said we'll get there soon enough. It's time to throw all the conventional crap out of the window. It's time to kick ass big time!!!

PS: Do drop in a line or comment if you have something on your mind that you think Google should invest in.




  1. How about Google Browser, Google OS and Google Database (I'm sure that would be fast ;))

  2. Ssshhhhh...Not too loud. Larry Ellison might hear it and buy Google too.


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