Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Virtualization Security: What do we know about it?

Despite a downturn in the global economy, many organizations are paying a lot of attention to GRC (governance, security and compliance). Virtualization is penetrating in the markets and it is not a trend that is about to stop. The reason why virtualization is penetrating is due to the flexibility it offers organizations, but this flexibility comes at a cost, like any other freedom: vulnerability or exposure to risks. Without a solid control of your people, processes and technology, in this fast and dynamic changing world, your business could be dissolved in no time. Cloud Computing, where virtualization will be a key building block, for Data Centers worldwide, will only increase that "data in transit" challenge where it will cross borders and boundaries. When we lifted the curtain, we forgot that we suddenly were talking to whole world: naked!

So the intention of this survey is to gauge your experiences, challenges and understanding of the security dilemma, that could cost us dearly, if we didn't act this time around! Please help me fill out this survey, I am curious what your thoughts and experiences are.


Tarry Singh
Avastu : Real-Time Analysis
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