Thursday, December 04, 2008

Scania chooses Redhat for Virtualization

With its virtualized Linux environments, Scania is achieving shortened time-to-services and increased flexibility. Scania can now perform system maintenance by shutting down servers in a structured process, enabling preserved stability and reliability. Throughout the rest of its virtualized Linux infrastructure, Scania also has the option of leveraging the solution's included Live Migration functionality, allowing for the transfer of virtual systems between physical machines in the network to reduce the hardware requirements necessary to maintain the same workload.
"Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Platform replaces some proprietary Unix dialects in Scania's infrastructure with an open platform without lock-in to a specific vendor. We are now building a cost-efficient, flexible and stable infrastructure on top of the Red Hat platform, and have maintained high security and stability throughout the process," said Mikael Ahlqvist, service team responsible for Unix at Scania. "The virtualization capabilities provided by Red Hat play a key role in our platform. The solution has provided cost and time savings by reducing the necessary number of physical servers and decreasing the need for related maintenance, administration and energy consumption."


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