Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Forget VDI, meet gOS: The Chrome-like Cloud OS

I have covered MyBooo, iCloud and se veral other Cloud like OS, this gOS version too goes after the same model. But maybe we will eventually see the emergence of netbooks, where HP is doing a lot of work and shipping touch-screen like netbooks, with Cloud OS, fast-boot embedded Linux OS with a Browser like OS that will soon kill all those fat transitional versions we all call VDI etc.

Regular PCs are definitely going to die and VDI's will be killed as Cloud OSs ill steal the thunder right under the noses of all the VDI vendors.

When Google released the beta for its Chrome web browser in September, it it led to discussions about the idea that in the future, web applications could completely take the place of traditional applications. Computers would no longer need OSs as we now know them; they would only need to run a browser. A recent product announcement brought us a little closer to that future.

In a press release Monday, Good OS announced a new OS called Cloud. According to the release, Cloud boots in seconds to a web browser (it doesn’t say which one, but pictures on the Good OS website look a lot like Chrome) running on a compressed Linux kernel. If you want to run something other than the browser, you boot to Windows XP, which will also be preloaded on computers preloaded with Cloud. The release says Cloud will soon come with some netbooks.

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