Monday, November 17, 2008

Veeam Configurator has Host Profiles ready!

Setting up and properly configuring your ESX and ESXi hosts isn’t difficult. But over time, things can change. How do you know which hosts are still configured as intended, and which have "drifted"? Veeam Configurator helps to ensure that your ESX server configuration complies with corporate policies and standards across your entire VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 (VI3), boosting administrator productivity in the areas of host configuration and configuration management.

Veeam Configurator 2.0 automatically discovers ESX and ESXi configurations across the enterprise and creates Veeam host profile templates. These templates can then be applied to groups of VMware hosts, and periodic scans can uncover inconsistencies and allow administrators to enforce defined templates to ensure policy compliance. The templates can also be used to quickly provision a new or re-build an existing ESX host.

With Veeam Configurator, administrators can quickly and easily discover the current settings for all VMware hosts, review and adjust the captured configuration sets as needed, and use that information to define their baseline configuration templates. At any time, administrators can run the Configurator scan and receive detailed reports of exactly which hosts match the templates, which do not, and where the differences lie. When VMware "Host Profiles" become available, Veeam Configurator will build on top of and enhance that functionality. Download your free trial to try Veeam host profile templates today.

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