Friday, November 14, 2008

Search VMs in the Cloud: Join Hyper9 "Google-like VM Search" Beta program NOW!

I have some credits and will be handing out the beta to the first five folks. Or feel free to contact the folks below or mail me!

Program Specifications
Beta Participant Minimum Environment Requirements
· VMwareƤ ESX 3.0+
· (1) VMware VirtualCenter Instance
· (2) VMware ESX Host Servers
· (20) Virtual Machines
Additional Requirements
· If selected, the participant must download and install the software within five (5) days of receiving the beta software.
· Users from competitor companies are not eligible for participation.
· The user is required to notify Hyper9 when they’ve completed an installation at

Beta Program
A Vision of Virtualization Nirvana. At Hyper9, we believe virtualization administrators shouldn't be stuck with an "un-dynamic" approach for managing highly dynamic and dimensional environments. It's why we're creating our new product, and why we're asking for your help.

Are You a Rock Star? If you spend more time contemplating your virtual world than the one in which you're late for dinner right now, get online and reserve your spot for our beta program. Our private, limited beta is full right now as we work out the kinks, but if you're a virtualization expert that is ready to rock your world, you can join our waitlist today and we'll keep you posted as spots open up!

Together, we can build a product, ignite a community and transform the world of virtualization administration forever.

Beta Product
Hyper9 is based on the premise that your Virtual Infrastructure management should be as easy to use as a Web-based consumer application. The rapid growth and dynamic nature of virtual environments clearly requires a different approach. The Hyper9 beta:

· Rapidly searches and filters across your virtual infrastructure and inside Windows guests
· Leverages VM DNA to track configuration changes to VMs over time - help diagnose problems
· Compares configurations between VMs for drift
· Understands conflicts between the guest and the virtual hardware layer (e.g. MAC address conflicts)
· Gets “at a glance” performance and health information for all of your VMs
· Collaborates – share critical searches and leave notes for team members
· Generates instant reports to track connected media and active Snapshots

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