Friday, November 07, 2008

Private Cloud: Dell has its eyes on it

Cute to see that people can so totally make it all a different picture that what it is.

Paul Bell, president of Dell Americas, told eWEEK Nov. 4 at a roundtable discussion at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco that private cloud computing is indeed on the company's agenda and that it is a trend in which customers are beginning to invest.

"This [private cloud enterprise] is definitely on our radar. We work with partners like Rackspace, which has been supporting smaller businesses, trying to leverage hosting that way. We are also seeing a growing number of customers trying to built it [their own cloud systems] themselves," Bell said.

As a mainstream supplier of the hardware to put these things together, Dell is coming at this in several ways, Bell said.

"One situation is where we may have a joint [private cloud computing] project with Citrix or VMware -- I think right now we're doing about a third of VMware's [hardware] business -- in the server virtualization market," Bell said.

"Increasingly, our customers are working on technologies such as VDI [virtual desktop infrastructure]," Bell said. "This allows them to do client virtualization. The reality is, there are multiple means to the end state today."


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