Thursday, November 27, 2008

OpenService announces Risk-Based Security Metrics in InfoCenter 5.1

A quick look at the OpenService Architecture

OpenService, a provider of log and IT risk management solutions, has announced a new risk-based security metrics reporting system to help corporations monitor their IT risk trends and determine the effectiveness of their security controls. Available in the new release of its software product, InfoCenter 5.1, this solution was beta tested and first deployed on IBM BladeCenter servers.

According to OpenService, InfoCenter 5.1 measures risk automatically by analyzing events reported by security and network devices, operating systems, databases and applications. The risk level of each event is scored as a function of threat, vulnerability, and asset value - an industry standard approach for calculating risk.

The company said that the algorithm it developed, called Risk-Weighted Event Scoring and Thresholding (RWEST), scores and correlates events from a wide range of servers, devices and applications and, based on this, supports the visualization and trending of risk over time and across departments as well as real-time alerting.

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