Sunday, November 02, 2008

Netbooks, iPhone and other Mobile devices to make Cloud Computing reality!

And faster than you can imagine. My last keynote was a jab at the rapidly changing landscape where global economy, globalization, low-cost requirements and high ROI is driving all of us to have all the mundane things being done inside the cloud.

We want to do cool stuff and forget about the rest. All a typical and even a high-end consumer needs to know is:

You pay $ 29.95 / month and you have:

- TV (gazillion channels but get started with a lighter version of the channel service)
- Internet (actually this is the new cloud platform or intenet 2.0 on which ou get it all)
- *Products (Maps, Apps, ...) - Basic edition
and lots more (product development folks can define a billion services around this delivery model)
- Device (Netbook, iPhone, Android-ready appliance etc)
- *More cooler accessories such as Bose stuff

* = Pay options could vary here.

Anyways this post says it all in a different tone as well.

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