Sunday, November 30, 2008

National Cloud Computing Day: Kill Shelfware, get Cloudware

Can't get any crazier than this. check it out...

The event is being organised by KashFlow to encourage UK small businesses to evaluate online applications and speed up the migration from traditional word processing, spreadsheet, accounting, email and contact management systems installed on computers to their web-based counterparts.

Small businesses will be able to share their experiences throughout the day online. A post-event survey will reveal important small business opinions about how cloud computing will help the UK to work more efficiently.

KashFlow managing director Duane Jackson revealed,

"Throughout the world businesses are discovering web-based software and it's important that UK small businesses don't get left behind. They are already enjoying the benefits of a wide range of online services which are virtually indistinguishable - and often superior - from there installed counterparts.

"The Cloud Computing Day challenge is simple - for small businesses to exclusively use online software in their day to day business on December 12th. This is a fun challenge with a serious message. And we hope National Cloud Computing Day will help to raise awareness of a more efficient, economic and flexible way of working."


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