Monday, November 10, 2008

Mobile Virtualization: VMware launching "VMware MVP"

Saw at Brian's site:

Apparently VMware bought some technology from a company called Trango Virtual Machines last month which they're launching today as the "VMware Mobile Virtual Platform" (VMware MVP). The point of this is not so a user can run multiple VMs on a mobile device at the same time, but instead so that different types of phones can run the same OS image. (In this case, the Trango hypervisor or whatever you call it would "scrub" and hide the details of the hardware from the mobile phone OS.)

The problem today is that each time a new mobile phone is designed, the OS of that phone has to be modified to work with that device's specific capabilities and hardware. With VMware MVP, the phone maker could install just the low-level realtime stuff on the phone (call handling, DRM, etc.), while the actual OS that the user interacts with could just be snapped in as a VM. This means that games, ring tones, email, address books, photos, and all the other crap that people want on their phones could be more easily made available on any phone.

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