Saturday, November 08, 2008

Global Economy & Obama: My prediction on what is going to happen to business in 2009!

I had predicted in Jan 2008 about the big contraction, an implosion, the blackhole effect. I had predicted September and it happened.

Watch the video yourself (Watch from 3:50 minutes onwards).

Although it talks about the democratization of a building block we call virtualization to the Cloud Computing model, it refers to all the other industries as well, that are betting high on increasingly commoditizing markets and businesses.

Now, my prediction series, as promised earlier, will come for the next 9 months. Today, I will start with the articles talking about the impact the continuing contraction of industries will have on firms, both larger and smaller. As revenues dwindle, suppliers will have to craft some contingent strategies and will have to take fundamental decisions, if not radical, to change their direction and approach.

As new trends and models emerge and as they aggressively intensify, I predict a major contraction coming in the next year, don't worry we will throw some research articles and sheets to explain that as well. A detailed article, which will not only talk about hard times for the ones who aren't paying attention, but also a typical bailout plan for the ones who are willing to listen to the new generation. I also predict that Obama will prove to be a strong supporter of innovation and fundamental change, not just internally but also towards the global community.

We are the new generation and we will have to take up this responsibility now. The time is now!

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