Friday, October 03, 2008

Xenocode brings Application Virtualization to developers

SEATTLE, WA — October 2, 2008 — Xenocode, the leader in application virtualization technology, today introduced the industry’s first application virtualization products designed for software developers and publishers. Xenocode Virtual Application Studio ISV Edition allows developers to package their Windows, .NET and Java-based applications into self-contained virtual executables that run instantly on end-user desktops – without installation, setup, dependencies or conflicts. Xenocode Virtual Application Studio ISV Edition is available immediately at

Virtual Application Studio ISV Edition allows developers to package applications for delivery by capturing a “snapshot” of the application in a ready-to-run state. Xenocode then builds a lightweight, self-contained virtual executable that runs instantly on any Windows desktop, regardless of operating system version or privilege restrictions. Xenocode’s unique, high-performance virtualization technology adds negligible space and performance overhead and, unlike traditional hardware virtualization, does not require a copy of any host operating system to be included in the deliverable. Virtual applications can be run instantly off the Web, file shares, and CDs, saved into legacy MSI packages, or deployed on portable USB devices.

"Application virtualization will reshape the way software publishers deliver products to their customers. Unlike legacy deployment technologies such as MSI, Xenocode technology provides end-users with an instant, reliable experience while dramatically reducing development, test, and support costs,” noted Kenji Obata, Xenocode founder and CEO. "With Xenocode Virtual Application Studio ISV Edition, software publishers and their customers will never again experience a failed setup or wait hours for applications to install.”

Xenocode Application Virtualization: Frees Applications from the Underlying OS
Application virtualization is a sophisticated technology that separates applications from the underlying operating systems on which they execute. Unlike traditional hardware virtualization solutions that require an entire copy of the host operating system, Xenocode's lightweight application virtualization technology emulates core operating system features required for application execution. “Xenocoded” applications require no setup, configuration, clients, or device drivers, are isolated from external DLL and dependency conflicts, and run properly on Windows Vista and locked-down desktops. Xenocode-virtualized applications can be easily deployed on USB devices, corporate intranets, the Internet, or existing desktop management infrastructure software such as Novell ZENworks, Microsoft SMS, LANDesk Management Suite, and BMC Configuration Management.

The Xenocode Virtual Application Studio authoring environment allows software developers and IT professionals to easily convert their existing Windows, .NET, and Java-based applications into virtualized applications ready for instant deployment.

Pricing and Availability

Xenocode Virtual Application Studio 2008 ISV Edition is available today in Startup, SMB, and Enterprise license packs. The Startup license, available to organizations with up to five developers, is available for purchase on the Web for $1,599. SMB and Enterprise site licenses are available for larger organizations. For more information or to download a free evaluation version, please visit

About Xenocode

Xenocode develops next-generation virtualization technologies that make applications available instantly and reliably, anywhere. The Xenocode Virtual Application Studio authoring environment and Xenocode Virtual Operating System allow IT professionals and software developers to deploy applications in lightweight, pre-configured virtual executables that run instantly on any Windows desktop via intranets, the Internet, USB keys, or existing desktop management infrastructure. Xenocode was founded in 2002 and consists of a team of veteran Microsoft engineers and academic researchers. Today, its customers include thousands of industry-leading consulting, financial, government, military, and technology companies, and tens of thousands of independent IT professionals. Xenocode is based in Seattle, Washington.

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