Thursday, October 02, 2008

SIMtone Corporation Partners with Brightstar to Offer Operators Global Fulfillment of SNAP Cloud Terminal Devices

Durham, NC (PRWEB) October 1, 2008 -- SIMtone Corporation, a privately held company delivering the next cloud computing paradigm, today announced a partnership with Brightstar Corporation, the global leader in customized distribution and supply chain solutions for the wireless industry. Addressing the needs of network operators and carriers that are utilizing its cloud computing platform, SIMtone will leverage Brightstar's global supply chain infrastructure to deliver zero-touch SIMtone SNAP terminals and devices. Additionally, Brightstar agreed to invest in SIMtone and will use the SIMtone cloud computing platform for its own operations.

SIMtone's carrier-grade universal cloud computing software platform consists of three core components - the Universal Service Provisioning platform, the Virtual Service Platform, and a series of zero-touch terminals called SNAPs. Together, these components provide network operators and their business customers with a complete platform to quickly build and ubiquitously deliver highly scalable, secure and very low-cost cloud computing services such as virtual desktops, DaaS, SaaS applications, and other Web services to anyone, anywhere and on-demand. SIMtone SNAP terminals allow users to easily and securely access all SIMtone-powered cloud computing services from any Internet, wireless, 3G, LAN or WAN connection. SIMtone SNAP terminals are offered as standalone, low-cost hardware appliances that require zero configuration, or software terminals usable on browsers or on PCs, thin clients and mobile devices. Further extending its SNAP product line, SIMtone recently introduced its SNAPbook - an ultra-compact mobile device based on the Asus Eee hardware that enables mobile access to any cloud service from any WiFi hotspot. All SIMtone SNAP terminals deliver the full, native end-user experience created by each computing service hosted in the cloud, on-demand and on-the-fly, including full frame-rate desktop media and native USB services for printing, storage and synchronization of devices such as PDAs or the Apple iPod.


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