Friday, October 31, 2008

Renewable Energy-Powered Cloud Computing -- The Ultimate End Game

This report illustrates how cloud data centers and renewable energy make for a potent combination that may forever change the data center computing competitive landscape. These computing giants are in a race to construct cloud facilities: mega-sized data centers that are "off the grid", powered by massive amounts of renewable energy.
"Given that the giants in the computing industry have the ability to run their own data centers at such ultra-low costs structures that only a scant few will be able to duplicate, the pursuit of a sufficiently 'green' data center is an unending and impossible mission," writes Denegri. Denegri deduces that cloud computing vendor strategies will make it increasingly difficult, over the long term, for companies to justify the management of their own infrastructure. "In my view," writes Denegri, "the concept of 'cloud computing' will be forever remembered as the access road that brought computing to the finish line."


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