Friday, October 17, 2008

Regulated Cloud Computing: Traffic Monitoring Tool is here

If this is no proof of the "triple convergence" (Personal, Business and IT) then nothing is. Data Theft and misuse of data, whether its pronography or merely stealing company data, it will and should all be monitored.

Whether you like it or not, regulatory compliance is coming at you in a big way.

A look at their slide:

That actual knowledge could be handed to the Internet companies by technologies like the one proposed by the Australian company, Brilliant Digital Entertainment Ltd. Known as CopyRouter, the software would let ISPs compare computer files — movies, photographs and documents — against those lists. Banned files would be blocked, and the requestor would receive a substitute file provided by law enforcement, such as a warning message: "The material you have attempted to access has been identified as child pornography." The attempt to send or receive the file could then be reported to law enforcement, along with the Internet Protocol address of the requestor.

The CopyRouter relies on a controversial new technology called "deep packet inspection," which allows Internet companies to analyze in real time the river of data flowing through their networks. The pipeline would know what was passing through it. You can read more about this technology in Bob Sullivan's Red Tape Chronicles.


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