Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Now they have Cloud Computing Training as well!

MomentumSI is giving one-day training on CC to Business and IT professionals. I sincerely hope for them that Richard Stallman and Larry Ellison aren't sitting in that course ;-)

The course introduces cloud computing concepts across a three-layered stack; software, platforms and infrastructure. Benefits, obstacles and examples are presented at each layer. Adoption patterns, investments and expected returns are also covered in the one day class.

"The cloud computing class was developed for some of our larger clients based on strategic IT initiatives under development, but is completely applicable to organizations of any size that may be considering cloud computing options." said Jeff Schneider, CEO of MomentumSI. "Our courseware is designed to quickly assist the client in the determination, motivation and next steps required to deploy a successful cloud computing pilot."

Thousands of Managers, Architects, Developers and Analysts have attended MomentumSI's comprehensive training programs and workshops which are uniquely designed to meet the needs of enterprise IT organizations. The cloud computing courseware complements MomentumSI's expanding training portfolio which focuses on Web services and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and spans a broad spectrum of roles within the IT organization.

About MomentumSI
MomentumSI is a national consultancy founded in 1997, focused on SOA, MDM, packaged solutions and software development. MomentumSI's project managers, architects and developers come from both industry and corporate backgrounds. Our accumulated business and IT acumen dramatically improves our clients' ability to rapidly provide business solutions.


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